INSANITY Workout Reviews is Live!

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Insanity Workout ReviewsAfter much thought, work and coding, we're is proud to announce the unveiling of our INSANITY review section. One of the most common questions put to us by our friends and customers is basically, 'What is the INSANITY workout like? Is it too tough, too intense for me?' Well, with our new review section, we hope to be able to answer that question for everybody.

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INSANITY Workout Review – Day 3

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Insanity WorkoutYesterday was rough. As reported I woke up feeling sore, and that soreness lingered throughout the day. My hamstrings and calves were stiff and aching, and I kept having to stand up every twenty minutes or so to stretch them out during the course of the day. By the time I got home I was getting seriously worried that I wouldn't be able to do the next INSANITY workout-if I was limping up the stairs, how was I going to do Suicide Jacks?

INSANITY DAY 2 – Cardio & Plyometrics

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Insanity WorkoutI’m writing this post the next day. I did the second INSANITY workout yesterday evening, and woke up this morning feeling like somebody had spent the night beating me up with an iron skillet. My hamstrings seem to have shortened by two inches, my feet are sore, my lats are smoldering, and my shoulders feel tight. Cardio & Plyometrics is a tough, tough workout. And it looks like I’m a secret masochist, because I’m gunning for tonight’s workout. Somehow, for some bizarre reason, despite the pain and soreness and stiffness I’m loving the INSANITY workout.

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