P90X Reviews

The web is filled with conflicting advice. P90X is the best, or it’s terrible, it’s a marketing gimmick, it’s a legitimate product, it gets you insane results, it’ll just break you in two. Depending on whom you speak to, you’ll get a different story. This page aims to set it straight–to give you all the best, most accurate and in depth reviews there are.

Customer Reviews. Real Reviews by Real People

Read what real people’s experiences have been with P90X– did they love it, hate it, both or somewhere in between? Real reviews from our P90X customers.
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P90X vs. Insanity Workout Comparison

Find the answer for today’s hottest fitness question: Insanity or P90X Workout. Which one should I Get?, and decide which extreme workout is best for you.
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P90X DVD by DVD Workout Reviews

Check out our reviews of each and every one of the 12 workout. Know what you’re in for, each step of the way. Click here to read more.

P90X Nutrition Plan

Check out the details of the P90X Nutrition Guide. We’re not exaggerating when we say you can’t do Insanity without eating right. Click here to read more.

P90X Workout Calendar

The P90X workout calendar is an essential component to this Extreme workout program. It shows you in a snap shot what to do and when to do it.
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