Introducing P90X2

In 2004 Bechbody released P90X, making Tony Horton and his extreme home workout a household name as literally millions of Americans purchased a copy and revolutionized their lives. Since then, everybody has been asking: what next? Where do they go once they finish P90X? How can they take their new levels of fitness to the next level? The answer has finally arrived in the form of P90X2, the latest in sports and fitness science and the ultimate new challenge for the fitness fanatic.

P90X2 is an evolution of P90X, and as such should not be taken as more of the same. P90X remains a killer workout that will help you shed weight as you pack on muscle, growing lean and mean as you push your body through Muscle Confusion in order to get in the best shape of your life. P90X2 approaches fitness from a different angle, however; rather then seeking to help you get ripped, it seeks to enhance your athletic potential so that you can become as energized, healthy as you were when you were a kid. Tony’s goal is to rebuild your body in as healthy and natural a way as possible so that you end up looking great as a consequence—not as the goal.

How does P90X2 do this? Though a brilliant blend of foundational work upon which Tony then builds strength training routines finished off by performance polishing drills. First you focus on your core, your balance, your stabilizer muscles, your flexibility and general body composition. Once you’ve acquired that iron foundation, you build on it through intense strength training workouts that might be familiar from P90X but which have benefited from seven years of refinement. Finally you take your new and improved body and put it through the polishing where you bring your athletic ability to a peak.

P90X2 is a whole new revolution that’s about to happen. Aimed at making you not only look great, but feel great, Tony’s new workout will help you elevate your game like you never have before. Excited? Well read on to learn the details!

P90X2 – The First Review

With the release of P90X2 just around the corner, fitness fanatics everywhere are already clamoring for more details. How similar will it be to the first P90X? What will be new, and who is it designed for? Extreme Fitness Results is proud to bring you the latest in cutting edge reviews of Tony Horton’s creation, and to give you all the information available today.

Who Is It For?

P90X2 is not your general introductory work out. While it does include modifications for every move, Tony Horton has said that you need to have done some sort of workout like P90X, Insanity, or ChaLEAN Extreme before trying this out. It is simply going to be that tough, though if you are already a pro-athlete you can dive right in.

What’s Changed?

Tony has removed the traditional cardio and the kenpo workouts, though he says you will still get an incredible cardio workout from the P.A.P. workouts that he has inserted instead. Yoga is no longer 90 minutes but now only 60, and everything has been tightened up, even the infamous Ab Ripper X.

How Does It Work?

Tony has stated that his goal with P90X2 was to approach the body as a whole unit, and not divide it into its component parts. Thus every move will seek to work out as many parts of your body as possible, so you will do push-ups while balanced on medicine balls, forcing you to not only use your chest for example, but also your core, your balancing muscles and everything else. The ultimate goal is to make you feel the same kind of energy, resilience, flexibility and stability that a child has, healthy and whole and bursting with athletic potential.



The P90X2 Workout is still a 3 month workout like its predecessor, but now it is less rigid. Your schedule will depend on your own level of advancement and how fit you are coming in, allowing you to change how long you spend on each phase to best suit your personal needs. You can progress as quickly—or as slowly—as you need to do, making this the ultimate in tailored programs.

Nutrition Guide

As important as the workouts themselves, the P90X Nutrition Guide has received an update too. Now there are vegan and gluten-free options for those with more discriminating diets, as well as the usual complement of in-depth recipes, explanations and planning to help you get the most out of your P90X2 experience.


P90X has always been the most equipment dependent of the Beachbody workouts, and P90X2 takes this a step further—and changes it all up. While you will get the most out of your workouts with the use of balance balls, medicine balls, weights, pull-up bars and foam rollers, Tony has included modifications so that you can still do the exercises with only the use of a chair and resistance bands. So now you can travel with your workout as well as do it at home.

What’s Included

15 DVD’s

How to Bring IT Again (Intro Session)

X2 Core


X2 Recovery + Mobility

X2 Total Body

X2 Yoga

X2 Balance + Power

Chest + Back + Balance

X2 Shoulders + Arms

Base + Back

P.A.P. Lower

P.A.P. Upper

X2 Ab Ripper

P90X2 Fitness Guide

P90X2 Nutrition Guide

P90X2 Workout Calendar