Power 90 Reviews

Power 90 Review

Power 90 is where it all began. Tony Horton created this program before he conceived of P90X, which was originally called ‘Power 90 Extreme’. More accessible, less intense but still an incredible program, Power 90 is the perfect entry program for beginners and novices looking to get in shape without going extreme.

In this section we’re going to review Power 90, checking out each Workout and letting you know what you’re in for. We’re going to post testimonials from the professionals and regular folk who tried it and either loved it or hated it. So come back often for more information on Power 90 as we post it, and learn if this is the program for you!

How Does Power 90 Work?

The basic format of Power 90 is simple. You receive 6 workouts on 2 DVD’s, and are told to progress through 4 stages as your fitness levels improve. These 6 workouts are composed of 2 ‘Sculpt Circuit’ workouts, 2 ‘Sweat Cardio’ workouts, and 2 ‘Ab Ripper’ workouts. There is no set schedule or timetable for you to follow; rather you are supposed to judge for yourself when you are prepared to move from one level to the next based on how far you have progressed and how confident you feel as to being able to take on a greater challenge.

The actual workouts are quite short, so don’t worry about killing yourself. The ‘Sculpt Circuits’ range from 30 to 45 minutes, and the ‘Ab Rippers’ are only four to six minutes long. That is why this is meant as the precursor to the infamous P90X; you’re not going to be blasting yourself every day for an hour, but rather easing into the workouts gradually and at your own pace.

Is Power 90 For Me?

Good question. How to tell if you should go for Power 90 or challenge yourself with P90X? The trick here is to be honest with yourself. Many people are spurred by pride or ego to go for the hardest workout, thinking that fitness is a race, a sprint to the finish, and forgetting that in fact it is a marathon. If you haven’t worked out in over a year, if you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, if you have any weight or health issues, if you have trouble climbing a couple of flight of stairs or running to catch the bus, you should start with Power 90. Don’t take it as a knock on your ego! But realize that this is your warm up for the real thing. You think professional athletes skip their warm ups because they’re too good? No! Everybody needs to prepare, and this is your preparation.