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What is The Insanity Workout Calendar and What’s It For?

Shaun T has carefully calibrated the workload for your system and muscles so that you go from one workout to the other without overloading the same set of muscles back to back. If you don’t have the Calendar, you might go from one workout that heavily emphasizes the upper body and is push up intensive right into another which hits it even harder, fatiguing your body badly and giving you little net benefit.?

With our Insanity Coaching, you will know what workout to do each week, along with a breakdown of each week’s specific challenges. Also, we include specific tips and tricks to help you conquer Insanity.

Missing Yours? Download It Now in PDF, Printable Format.

The Insanity Workout Calendar comes with your purchase of a certified Insanity Workout. If you downloaded a torrent, borrowed the workout from a friend or lost your calendar, do not despair.

Just complete the form above and we will send you a weekly calendar for you to print, along with our week specific coaching. This weekly system and support makes a huge difference.