Turbo Jam Reviews

The Turbo Jam Workout

Turbo Jam was an instant classic the moment it was released, and has since garnered hundred so fans across the United States. Gyms began to offer Turbo Jam classes with instructors taking certification courses so as to be able to teach it. People everywhere were hooked and Chalene’s workout caught fire. Why? Because it works! In this page we’ll take a look at why the Turbo Jam works, and whether it could work for YOU!

What Is the Turbo Jam Workout All About?

If you’re like me, than you’re sick of hearing endless amounts of hype about every product. Everybody is so intent on advertising that it’s hard to find an objective review. Well, this aims to provide you with just that, so listen up!

The Turbo Jam workout is a combination of core workouts along with cardio and killer cardio kickboxing. You receive weighted gloves to help you make the exercises more challenging, and the 5 DVD’s that come with the product help you maintain a constant changing sequence of workouts that challenge your body and keep things fresh.

The number one reason that Turbo Jam has worked for so many people is because it’s FUN. Chalene Johnson knows that no matter how effective a workout is, if you never press PLAY it will never help you lose weight. So she synchronized the workouts to upbeat music and made it as much a dance class as a cardio one.

Who Is Turbo Jam For?

Turbo Jam is for people who like structured class cardio workouts. If you like the idea of being in a group of people and dancing and doing cardio routines, than this is for you. If you love high energy workouts that will make you burn a TON of calories, than this is for you. If you like music, if you like having fun, if you find high energy people and athletic, aerobic moves enjoyable, than this workout is for you!

Turbo Jam is NOT for people who enjoy heavy resistance training. If you’re looking to lift a lot of weights and build muscle, than you might want to look into a workout like P90X.

What if Turbo Jam isn’t extreme enough for you? First off, you crazy. Second, take a look at Turbo Fire, Chalene’s most extreme workout to date!

What are the Turbo Jam Workouts?

Learn and Burn: A thirty minute long workout that introduces you to the basic moves and gets you going.

Turbo Sculpt: A 40 minutes long workout that helps you tone your muscles through a fantastic combination of plyometrics and resistance training.

20 Minute Workout: Like it says, this is a 20 minute workout, brief, super fun and massively intense!

Cardio Party: A 45 minute madness session that will have you sweating bullets to the best cardio combos in town.

Ab Jam: Think we forgot about your core? This 20 minutes workout will leave you gasping and burning!