We all know that the best fighters have the best bodies. They are finely honed weapons that their owners have refined and trained over the years by putting them through the most explosive, intense, and grueling combat training in the world. Now, LES MILLS is bringing you a combat training system that will leave you just as ripped and tough as the leanest and meanest fighter around!

LES MILLS COMBAT is an explosive blend of mixed-martial arts that will help you achieve incredible results in only sixty days. Based on the BODYCOMBAT class that is taught in gyms in over 80 countries, this workout is combined with pulse pounding music, world class trainers, and absolutely stunning results.

Your  workouts will be led by two genuine martial art experts: Dan Cohen is a blackbelt in Lau Gar Chinese boxing and kickboxing, and won the 1996 British Masters kickboxing championship. Rachel Newsham has studied at the Wing Chun Kung Fu school, and done muay thai training in Thailand. These experts have carefully worked out a series of classes that take the best from all their combined knowledge, and pooled it into one amazing workout.

Combined, they are going to bring you a genuinely challenging mix of kicks, strikes, blows, and punches that will develop your agility, coordination, muscle speed, and endurance. You’ll torch calories both during and after your workout, as well as improving your core strength, stability, posture, and self-confidence. How will this all happen? By building lean muscle mass and incinerating fat simultaneously!


What Makes COMBAT So Great?

To put it simply: Fast Twitch Integration Training. By taking two martial arts experts, they  have combined the very best and hardest techniques from tae kwon do, boxing, karate, capoeira, jiu-jutsu, and muah thai/kickboxing to deliver burning, explosive moves that work in intense patterns and combinations. The result is that your fast-twitch muscle fibers get activated and then boosted, which will burn tons of calories while taking your strength to the next level and helping you get maximum definition!



Why Is It So Unique?

By combining the most challenging aspects of six different martial art systems into one seamless whole, the creators of  COMBAT have synthesized the most intense and transformative elements of each combat style into a unique workout that will deliver the best elements of each. This works because each move, each pattern is based around the idea of delivering an extreme charge to your fast-twitch muscle fibers, boosting their size and effectiveness, leading to a rapid change in your body composition. Tested around the world as the BODYCOMBAT system, this workout program is tried, verified, and proven to work by millions of gym-goers!


What You Will Need:

The best part about the LES MILLS COMBAT workout is that you can do it in its entirety from home. No need for special equipment, no need for punching bags, sparring partners, or boxing rings. Just put the DVD in and press Play and get ready to work!

Use the Fight Fitness Guide to get oriented and follow its calendar to stay on track, while using the Nutrition Guide to ensure that you are giving your body not just enough fuel—but the right fuel—it needs. Your diet and nutrition habits are key and will determine in large measure how successful your workout is, so don’t neglect it!


Who Is It For?

There are three key groups that will benefit from this workout:

  1. Hardcore athletes looking take their athletic potential to the next level with specific, targeted martial arts training. If your cardio is already in peak condition and your strength training at an all-time high, then COMBAT  will take your agility, balance, core strength, and explosive athletic potential to the next level.
  2. Those who are moderately fit will benefit from the the combined intensity of the HIIT workouts and the full body training sessions, helping them move from the middle level to the elite by challenging their bodies to the max.
  3. Complete beginners will find that the engaging nature of the martial arts systems when combined with the capacity to build lean muscle mass and slim down through the cardio endurance training is a particularly effective way to get started.

Base Kit: What Are the Workouts?


  •  THE BASICS: Get grounded and ready to rock with this introduction to the MMA-based ‘guard’ positions, techniques and basic stances you will be using throughout the workouts.
  • 30: KICKSTART: This workout is short, incredibly intense, and a basic introduction to the moves and strikes that make the COMBAT system so intense. At only 30 minutes you may think you’re in for an easy time, but don’t be fooled: this workout is tough.
  •  45: POWER KATA: A ‘kata’ is a pre-arranged sequence of moves in a martial art that is designed to help you master form, focus, balance, and power. This workout will work on your speed and force by helping your cross-train so as to burn even more calories.
  • 60: EXTREME CARDIO FIGHTER: This is it—the ultimate cardio fitness challenge that will push you to your edge with a high-rep sequence of moves that will rev your metbolism to the max!
  • COMBAT 60 LIVE: ULTIMATE WARRIOR’S WORKOUT: Get ready to rock every martial art in the COMBAT system, as you work your way through karate, tae kwon do, kickboxing, capoeria and more in this 60 minute full body workout!
  • POWER HIIT 1: High Intensity Interval Training is all about maximum effort during a brief period of time. By getting into the anaerobic zone, you’ll scorch calories, get fit and lean and all in a brief period of time.
  • SHOCK PLYO HIIT 2: Plyometrics meets High Intensity Interval Training to get you into the red zone. Use propulsion and jumping to achieve your maximum athletic potential!