Have you ever wondered if there was any way to develop a shredded core without doing a thousand crunches? Has the thought of working out in the regular, old fashioned way bored you to tears? If you’re looking for a fun, upbeat and engaging manner to lose weight and pop your abs, than Hip Hop Abs might be for you. Created by celebrity trainer Shaun T who designed the infamous Insanity Workout, Hip Hop Abs has revolutionized the way that people get in shape, blending their love for dance and good rhythms with their desire to burn fat and shred their core.

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Hip Hop Abs Workout Calendar

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How Does Hip Hop Abs Work?

The idea is simple: dance your way to fitness through intense interval training. Have you ever seen somebody leaving a club, drenched in sweat, their bodies lean and gorgeous, their physiques perfect? Than you know that dancing can be the ultimate workout, helping you burn thousands of calories while having a blast. Shaun T selected a number of infectious hip hop tracks and then set his workout to them, keeping you on your feet the whole time so that you never do a single crunch.

How can dancing shred your core? Easy. First you have to burn the fat, because no matter how iron hard your abs, if they’re hidden under a layer of fat you’ll never see them. Then he helps you target your midsection through a series of specialized moves that range from leg raises to tucks and contractions. All of this is blended into the dancing, so that you’ll work up a great sweat while keeping in time with the music.

Who is Hip Hop Abs For?

Hip Hop Abs is for the person who gets bored with traditional cardio. If you hate going to gyms, if you get bored lifting weights, if you like to move and groove and enjoy yourself, than Hip Hop Abs could be for you. However, it doesn’t feature any resistance training, so if your goal is to bulk up than you might want to look somewhere else. Hip Hop Abs will make you mean and lean, but not massive like the P90X Workout will.

What Comes With Hip Hop Abs?

Hip Hops Abs is a complete package, all of it geared toward helping you effect a total lifestyle change. You will receive the five workout DVD’s, a comprehensive nutrition guide to help you navigate the pitfalls of modern day eating, measuring tape, a survival guide to eating on the go and 24/7 online support. You also get the workout schedule,a 6 day slim down plan, and more!

The Ultimate Guarantee

Still not convinced? Shaun T is. And that’s why he’s offering you a 30 day guarantee that you’ll love his product. If not, than you can return it for a full refund (minus shipping and handling) with no questions asked. If that doesn’t give you confidence, than nothing will!