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P90X Workout Schedule: A Free, PDF Printable Download

The P90X Workout has proven to be the most successful at-home workout in the nation for a variety of reasons, but it is indisputable that one of the primary reasons it the variety of ways you can arrange your workout schedule. Whether you decide to follow the classic workout schedule as introduced in the book, or opt for a more advanced schedule in order to tailor the workout to your personal needs, this flexibility is a direct contributor to why P90X has proven so popular.

Yet, with such a variety of schedules to choose from, how are you to decide which is best for you? This review section aims to answer your question and help you decide which approach to take. If you have more specific questions, be sure to check out our P90X Reviews page.

P90X Classic

The P90X Classic is the original, the monster that created the avalanche of total body transformations across the country. It’s extremely challenging, and just because it’s viewed as the ‘classic’ doesn’t mean you should immediately consider it to be the easiest of the group. The rhythm of this schedule is punishing, the results are astounding, and the 90 days it takes you through will challenge you like no other.

If you have never done the P90X workout before and are unsure as to which schedule to follow, then choose the P90X Classic. Don’t let your ego make the decision for you; pick what works, what’s extreme, and finish this before you start tailoring your workout plans any further.

P90X Doubles

Now we’re starting to talk a little crazy. If you decide that you want to include extra cardio to your P90X routine, than the P90X Doubles could be the choice for you. Basically what it does is add the Cardio X workout to the mornings starting from the second month on, resulting in a massive caloric burn that will leave you exhausted and drained unless you eat right and get a ridiculous amount of sleep.

Who is this for? This is for people who are in great shape but are determined to help burn more calories and lose extra weight. This is an incredibly intense regimen to follow, and will require a massive amount of caloric intake as well as rest if you are to avoid burnout.

P90X Lean

For those who are fixated on burning weight and not as interested in gaining muscle mass, P90X Lean is the way to go. This program substitutes a number of the resistance training workouts for more cardio oriented ones, resulting in a total regimen that will actually have you sweating more than the classic and burning calories at a faster rate as you seek to maintain your heart rate elevated and burn burn burn.

Who benefits from the P90X Lean? While super intense, this version of P90X might be more friendly to those who are not as physically fit as they wish, and who would like to engage in primarily fat burning program in order to prepare themselves for the other other two approaches.