By now you might be wondering: Is Turbo Fire a good workout? Or is it just a marketing gimmick? Does it deliver results? Our goal at Extreme Fitness Results is to give you the most accurate, objective and in depth review available in the market. Browse the sections listed below and we can guarantee that you will be able to make an informed decision about if Turbo Fire is the right workout program for you.

Turbo Fire Customer Reviews. Real Reviews by Real People

Read what people’s experiences have been with Turbo Fire. Did they love it, hate it, both or somewhere in between? Real reviews from our Turbo Fire customers.
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Turbo Fire vs. Insanity Workout Comparison

Find the answer for today’s hottest fitness question: Turbo Fire vs Insanity Workout. Which one should I Get?, and decide which extreme workout is best for you.
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Turbo Fire DVD by DVD Workout Reviews

Check out our reviews of each and every one of the 11 workout, from the Get Fired up DVD to the resistance workout. Know what you’re in for, each step of the way.
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Fuel the Fire Nutrition Plan

Check out the details of Turbo Fire’s Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide . We’re not exaggerating when we say you need to Fuel the Fire to conquer the workout!
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Turbo Fire Workout Calendar

The Workout Calendar is an essential component to Turbo Fire. Which workout to do and when. Without it? You simply don’t know what to do.
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Turbo Fire will deliver incredible fat burning inducing results. Indeed, test group studies have shown that a HIIT workout can help you lose as much as 9 X as much fat as a regular cardio session, due to your body continues to burn fat after you’re done.

The principle behind a HIIT workout is to push your body into the red zone, to exercise at your absolute all-out max. What happens at that level of exertion is that your body rapidly runs out of available oxygen to feed your muscles, forcing you to operate in the anaerobic zone. This has a host of benefits, and causes your body to burn fat at an advanced rate, while forcing your body to adapt rapidly to this level of effort. However, due to the intense nature of such exercises, they cannot be performed for more than 5 minutes or so; if you’re able to go that long, even with the interval breaks in between, than you’re simply not pushing yourself hard enough.