Body Gospel Reviews

Body Gospel Reviews

Body Gospel is now available and soon the nation will be marching to the sound of a new and compelling beat. Donna Richardson Joyner will be calling out in the name of the Lord for us to all rise up and get in shape, to clap our hands and move our feet, to sing our praise and celebrate our bodies. But what are these workouts going to look like? What can you expect to be doing? What kind of exercises will we all be throwing ourselves into, hearts and spirits open to change and fitness?

Your Body Gospel Journey

This is truly a Christian Workout. Donna has found a way to combine faith and fitness by making your journey toward improved health one that is motivated and framed by devotion to the Lord. Each workout begins and ends with prayer, and each day in the Total Transformation Guide workout calendar is marked by a prayer, by a quote from scripture, and a meditation on your journey by Donna herself. You are encouraged to write down your spiritual, fitness and personal goals, and to hold yourself accountable to not only yourself, but to the Lord.

In this manner, you are exercising each and every day in the spirit of faith. Your reason behind your workouts is affirmed by encouraging and uplifting words from the Bible, while Donna’s daily words and advice help keep you on track and help you understand why you are struggling each day to improve your health. If you have a strong faith, and find motivation from contemplating God and the miracle of his works, than these daily doses of thought provoking and enthusiasm creating words and messages will help you follow your path to fitness.

Sample–Day 11

Scripture: “But they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” –Isaiah 40:31.

Meditation: When I consider this verse from Isaiah, I feel so full of praise that I want to sing the osng by the worship music group Israel Houghton and New Breed, which says, “Lord, you are good and your mercy endureth forever/We worship you for who you are.” To know that when I feel weary, the Lord will renew my strength and make me soar on wings like eagles–how can i be faint with such knowledge? Our God lifts us up and gives us strength. If you feel faint this week, allow the Lord to renew you by placing all your hopes in Him. Let His strong arms carry you through.

Prayer: Lord, you are good and your mercy endures forever. I worship you for who you are–a God who lifts me up when I am weary, who makes me soar on wings like eagles. Thank you.

The Workouts

There are six DVD’s, each with its own core workout. Their focuses are different, and as you move from one to the next, you’ll focus on conditioning your whole body. The workouts are:

Body Gospel Reviews

  • Core Revelation
  • Body Revival
  • Power and Praise (Interval Training)
  • Gospel Glory
  • Strength and Spirit
  • Stretch in the Spirit

These workouts cycle through core exercises that will help you build a strong abdominal center, to a wonderful stretching session that will help you work out those sore kinks from your body, to Interval Training to get you through your cardio circuit, to resistance training where you workout with the resistance bands that come with the boxed set. These workouts are scalable so that anybody can do this workout, whether they’re a complete novice who’s heart is simply bursting with the desire to get moving and grooving, or a seasoned veteran who is looking to find a purpose to all their exercise and athleticism.

A Letter from Donna Joyner:

Welcome, my Body Gospel Soldier!

Donna Joyner ShakeologyI feel so proud and blessed to have you as part of my Body Gospel family. It has been my dream for over 20 years to bring faith to fitness with an in-home program for people all around the world.

My personal connection with God and my church began when I was just a little girl, as did my passion for sports and fitness. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I began to feel my calling to combine the strength of my faith with my message of health and wholeness. Now I’m a messenger of hope and I’m bringing you the “Gospel,” good news of you being victorious in your health.

Heeding the call from Him just might be the one thing that changes your life forever. I know it did mine. Yes, we have all had challenges when it comes to staying healthy, but we must awaken each day and say: it’s a new day, a new opportunity, and a new blessing. You can succeed on this journey to a healthy mind, body, and spirit. You have the power to change!

I promise if you follow the Body Gospel program for the next 30 days you will witness an increase in your faith, a decrease in your weight, and double your blessings with abundant good health. I promise that the Body Gospel program will help you get the results you are destined for and create lasting change in your life.

Blessings, Donna Joyner

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