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Les Mills Pump Nutrition Guide

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Les Mills Pump Workout Calendar

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It’s a fitness craze that emerged from New Zealand and took the world by storm. It’s a fitness philosophy that emphasizes compound exercises done through thousands of reps. By focusing on the barbell, LES MILLS PUMP allows you to reshape your entire body by using one of the oldest and most effective gym tools right in the comfort of your own home. Whether your goal is to shed the pounds, to put on muscle, or just to get healthy, LES MILLS PUMP is the way to go.

Originally taught in over 80 countries around the world, LES MILLS is now available on DVD to be done in your own home. This has been made possible by having the creators of LES MILLS team up with Beachbody to combine their expertise and create an at-home package for you. Beachbody is the creator of other stellar at-home workouts such as INSANITY and P90X, and their knowledge and experience when teamed up with the LES MILLS program has resulted in a cutting edge workout that will revolutionize your body.

How Does It Work?

The secret behind the LES MILLS PUMP workout is fatiguing your muscles through THE REP EFFECT. This is a method that utilizes thousands of repetitions to burn and torch each body part without building up too much bulk. Instead you will incinerate calories, target the entirety of your muscles so as to get the most out of both your fast twitch and slow twitch fibers, and break down extreme levels of fat reserves.
Each workout is about an hour long, and has about five or six trainers guide you through each segment. Each segment will focus on one part of your body, so that you move from core to shoulders, from chest to legs. You will do thousands of reps, burning your way through compound exercises that maximize your returns by combining different body parts in the same move.

What Makes LES MILLS PUMP Unique?

First, what other workout has become an international phenomenon, taught in over 80 countries to literally hundreds of thousands of people? Take that magic, that transformative ability and package it into a home workout. Collect 14 of the best Les Mills-certified instructors from around the world, and allow their energy and enthusiasm to drive your workout. Then lay down some incredibly energizing music that will help you take your game to the next level, and center this entire workout around the use of the barbell, the most effective and efficient workout tool in the whole gym. Combine this whole package with an in-depth nutrition package that will shape your nutrition choices, and you have a world-class fitness and weight loss package.


This is easily answered. Do you want to lose weight and add lean muscle? Do you want to do so to great music and energizing instructors? If so, then Les Mills is for you. You don’t need to be in great shape to get started—you only need to have willpower, dedication, and discipline.