10 Minute Trainer Review

10 Minute Trainer Review

It’s a busy world out there. Not everybody has a couple of hours to hit the gym, workout, shower, drink their post-workout shake and then get on with their lives. For those who are on the go, who don’t have time to stop, but who realize the importance of exercise, 10 Minute Trainer is perfect. Created by Tony Horton, legendary celebrity trainer and creator of the infamous PX90 Workout, 10 Minute Trainer is the answer to all your problems.

How Does 10 Minute Trainer Work?

When people hit the gym, they tend to target one body part at a time. They do curls, then they do squats, then they do shoulder presses. Each isolated exercise takes time, and when you factor in breaks and time spent walking from machine to machine, you start to understand why these workouts take forever. What Tony Horton has done in 10 Minute Trainer is collapse all of these different workouts into compound exercises, so that each move hits several body parts all at once. What used to take 10 minutes now only takes two.

An example: Instead of doing a squat, a bicep curl, and a shoulder press on their own, Tony has you start from a squat, rise up while doing a bicep curl, and then extend your arms overhead into a finishing shoulder press. 3 in 1, saving you time and increasing your burn.

Who Is the 10 Minute Trainer For?

The 10 Minute Trainer is for two kinds of people. The one’s who legitimately have no time, and for that other group of people who are always making excuses saying that they’re too hectic and can’t squeeze exercise in. If you fall in either group, now you have the perfect solution: 10 minutes is all you need each day to get in your burn, to make your exercises count and to help lose weight. With this workout, there is no longer any reason that time should contribute to the rise in the obesity trend.

What Comes With the 10 Minute Trainer?

The 10 Minute Trainer is comprised of 4 DVD’s, which range from a total body workout, lower body workout, a cardio burn and a yoga session. In addition you get your workout schedule, a guidebook, and Tony’s very own 10 Minute Meals. Awesome!