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Brett Hoebel – Award winning trainer and now featured trainer on The Biggest Loser, is the creator of REVABS – a cutting-edge, ab-defining and body-toning program. This high-energy workout combines ab training, interval training and strength training with a spice of Afro-Brazilian capoeira to yield unparalleled results in 90-days. Get ready to rumble…get ready to REV !

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There are 3 kinds of training in the workouts: Ab training , interval training, and strength training. Ab training to pop out your abs, interval training to burn the fat off your stomach, and strength training to build lean, fat burning muscle. You’re going to have fun, you’re going to sweat, and you’re going to pay some dues with Brett for 90 days.

Most people will do regular crunches in order to workout their abs, but that’s just one angle Brett call, ‘Upper Flexion’. Crunches are a good exercise but they’re not enough. With RevAbs you’ll do upper flexion, lower flexion, side flexion, double flexion, twisting, and extension.

The end result is a complete abdominal workout, and to help you push yourself to the max and get the best results possible, Beachbody added a unique feature to RevAbs called ‘the Rev Zone‘.

Says Anna Eriksson, Beachbody’s Dir. of Product Development, “The ‘Rev Zone’. You push whatever that move is for the entire duration of that move for as hard as you can. It’s a split screen, so you see them, sweat’s flying, I mean they’re leaping up out of where the camera is, it’s something we’ve seen before. But it really is something that’s going to allow people to push themselves to their highest potential. ”

The program is designed for men and women of all fitness levels. Beginners can easily follow along to the modified workout until they’re ready to rev it higher. Advanced fitness experts can work in the Rev Zone, or take it Full Throttle with the extreme DVD’s in the Deluxe Package.

What Is Included In The REV ABS Package?

  • 8 DVD’s
  • Rotation Calendar (Training Calendar)
  • Body Fat Tester
  • Fitness Guide
  • Nutrition Plan

What Is Included In The DELUXE REV ABS Package?

  • $159.80
  • 10 DVD’s
  • 2 Resistance Bands
  • Deluxe Training Calendar
  • Abs Workout Pamphlet
  • Fitness Guide
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Body Fat Tester

The DVD’s

RevAbs Reviews (by Phil Tucker)

September 6, 2009

(EMAILWIRE.COM, September 05, 2009 ) Miami, FL – Fitness expert Brett Hoebel’s highly anticipated ab-centric workout RevAbs is due out for release this Fall, and to further whet people’s appetites Beachbody has released a sneak preview DVD offering a sample workout for our viewing pleasure. The Extreme Fitness Results team received their copy and today we’re going to review our impressions and the expectations caused by what we saw.

First and most strikingly it is clear that Brett Hoebel practices what he preaches. The man is lean, cut, and most definitely ripped. There doesn’t seem to be an ounce of fat on his body, and his abs were clearly delineated, rippling and taut with each exercise he led his team through. But what was most impressive was the balanced nature of his physique; we all know the guys who focus only on their arms and shoulders and end up looking unbalanced. Brett Hoebel however has clearly paid attention to his entire body, both upper and lower, resulting in a developed physique that shows he clearly knows what he’s talking about.

Secondly, and what we found most impressive about Rev Abs was Brett’s integrity when it comes to maximizing results for your core. Many fitness instructors fear their audience’s short attention spans and thus leap around gesticulating and never repeating a single exercise for fear of losing people’s interest, even if this sacrifices the benefits that come from repeating certain key, effective techniques. Brett broke his workout into three phases, each a repetition of the last, and challenged his audience to work their way through the increasingly difficult basic moves that would really blast their abs, spicing up the final round with a number of extreme variations. His message was simple: if you want killer abs, you don’t have to do esoteric, bizarre exercises; rather you have to focus on the few effective techniques he’s developed, and do them until you feel the burn.

The studio space in which he worked was a no frills environment. Clean, spacious, with a subtle yet infectious beat pumping in the background, all the attention was firmly on Brett’s shoulders. Backed up by a crew of two, Brett kept the camera’s focus firmly on himself and the workouts, occasionally dropping back to give instructive advice on how his partners were executing the exercises, whether it was a more extreme technique or a reduced version that was more suitable for beginners.

What was most engaging about the entire Rev Abs workout was Brett’s interaction with the viewer. He spoke to the camera as if you were right there in the studio with him, joking with you and exhorting that you push yourself to the max, guiding you through the techniques and including you in the team effort. He’d make comments about how you must be feeling, compliment your dedication for going through the routine, and at one point he even fist bumped the camera screen, making it seem as if he was connecting with you right through the monitor. Excellent!

Extreme Fitness Results is an authorized retailer of all Beachbody products, and will soon begin to sell Brett Hoebel’s RevAbs Workout program on its site, along with other fantastic Beachbody supplements such as the PX90 Recovery Drink and the PX90 protein bars. All of these are available for purchase at the online fitness retailer mega-store of Extreme Fitness Results . Along with Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift which is slated for release in October, Extreme Fitness Results offers everything fitness related from at-home fitness programs like the vaunted Slim in Six and Shaun T’s Insanity regimen, to exercise equipment, cardio enhancing tools, Yoga accessories, and other nutritional supplements. Extreme Fitness Results can be contacted by phone at 1-800-123-4567 or found at www.extremefitnessresults.com.

About Brett Hoebel & Hoebel Fitness

Rev Abs, Brett Hoebel, Beachbody, ab workouts

Rev Abs, Brett Hoebel, Beachbody, ab workouts

HoebeL™ Fitness is a leading-edge lifestyle-fitness company that focuses on physical well-being, mental clarity and self empowerment and is dedicated to inspiring people with mindful, healthy living. Founded by international celebrity strength-nutrition-lifestyle expert, Brett Hoebel, HoebeL Fitness has a unique body-mind approach that stems from Brett’s diverse experience in Eastern and Western disciplines, including Afro-Brazilian capoeira, Muay Thai kickboxing, functional strength training and Hatha yoga, as well as his education in nutrition, holistic health and lifestyle coaching.

This integrative philosophy is represented by all of the HoebeL Fitness lifestyle-fitness programs including REV ABS ™, reVamp ®, fitnessBrasil™ and urbanmotion ®. Through its integrative approach and very talented team, HoebeL Fitness is dedicated to empowering every client with the knowledge, motivation and ability for personal change.

As an international fitness expert and one of the most sought-after weight-loss, nutrition & lifestyle coaches in New York, Brett is launching his REV ABS program on national television this Fall which will be available as a series of workout DVDs. A 15-year veteran in the health & wellness industry, Brett has worked with different celebrities including Victoria’s Secret supermodels Doutzen Kroes and Karolina Kurkova, supermodel and television host Veronica Webb and actresses Emmy Rossum and America Ferrera.

Brett was also the co-host of Fit Family, a reality-fitness show on Discovery Channel and has appeared on The View, Good Morning America and Fox News. He is a recurring fitness expert on The WB-Morning Show and has been featured in various publications including Vogue, The New York Times, InStyle, Elle, Allure, Shape and Self Magazine. For the second time, New York Magazine awarded Brett and some of his exercise programs ‘Best of New York’. Brett is also an award-winning group fitness instructor and nationally recognized personal trainer.

He holds certifications in Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching, Metabolic Typing™ Nutrition, C.H.E.K. Holistic Exercise Kinesiology, Personal Training, Hatha Yoga and Pre-Natal/Post-Partum Conditioning. Brett also has an extensive background in biomedical research and martial arts including Afro-Brazilian capoeira and Muay Thai kickboxing. When not in New York, Brett travels to Los Angeles and Rio De Janeiro Brazil to teach his different classes, work with clients, study capoeira and meet with different health & fitness professionals.