If your goal is to be able to head down to the beach and flaunt a perfect body in that dream bikini, then you have to check out our review of Leandro Carvalho’s The Brazil Butt Lift Master Series.

The goal here is not to get ripped, not to get shredded, bulky and huge: the goal is to develop a long, lean, beautiful body, with a perfectly rounded booty that will look killer whether sheathed in a pair of designer jeans or in a beautiful swimsuit. If you want a supermodel body, then you need to turn to the man who has been trained the most stunning and beautiful supermodels in the world.

The way to develop that long, elegant, beautiful look is to carefully train your body through a system of carefully calibrated exercises that target your behind, legs, and whole body in a very careful and measured manner. Leandro has perfected a system he calls the Tri-Angle Training that does precisely that—it doesn’t simply require that you do squats and lunges, but rather takes a scientific approach to the muscles in your booty and targets each of the three responsible for shape and functionality: the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus.

The Master Series takes the Tri-Angle system one step further by introducing workouts that utilize a medicine ball, ankle weights and other specialized equipment so that not only will you develop your bum bum but will also target core strength and whole body definition.

Masters Series Review: Who is Leandro Carvalho?

Hailing from the land of perfect beaches and rear ends, Leandro Carvalho came to the United States from Brazil at a young age to practice dance and ballet in New York City. There he become a certified personal trainer, and then a certified everything else as his passion for health and fitness took off.  He realized early on that the people with the best rear ends are often dancers and martial artists, so he took his best personal training moves and combined them with ballet and capoeria, the Brazilian martial art.

His success was meteoric. The New York Magazinerated his Brazil Butt Lift workout as the “Best Fitness Class”, and he began to train lingerie models. Since then, his personal clients have shown their perfect booties on runways in Paris, New York, and Milan. His reputation grew till his fitness classes in New York were always booked solid, his clients were paying through the roof for his personalized attention—and that’s when Beachbody approached him to release his secrets in the Brazil Butt Lift workout.


Why is This Program So Unique?

The original Brazil Butt Lift was a masterpiece of personal training, helping take novices to the intermediate level while challenging them to sculpt and perfect their booties as they lost weight and toned up. The The Brazil Butt Lift Master Series takes this one step further in a 30 day workout that utilizes specialized equipment to tackle the three main muscles in your rear end by focusing on their ‘heads’, which is where they attack to your pelvis and hamstrings. This allows this workout to equally train the entirety of your booty, and not miss out on a crucial if subtle angle.

The training here is definitely of the intermediate to advanced level, and will challenge any graduate of the Brazil Butt Lift to master their moves to a whole new degree. These advanced techniques are meant to refine the perfection already achieved by helping you generalize your fitness all over your body, and especially by helping you work on your core strength. Balance and foundation work will take your body to the next level as you add resistance to the techniques, building a firm, round booty and developing long, lean thighs.

What Comes in the Base Kit?

If you buy the The Brazil Butt Lift Master Series, you will acquire everything you need to revolutionize your body. The key element is of course the workouts, of which there are three:

  1. 1.       Bikini Body:  This is a fantastic general body workout that will target core, legs, booty, and more as you work with a balance ball and hand weights to bring your muscles to a delicious level of burn and fatigue.
  2. 2.       Higher & Tighter:  Focus on raising that rear end with these exercises designed specifically to use the stability ball. Your core will get a great workout, and your bum bum will get a wonderfully sculpting workout.
  3. 3.       Ipanema Booty: Named after the famed beach in Rio de Janeiro, this workout will challenge you with heavier weights and focus on perfecting that behind.

Further, your kit comes complete with all the knowledge you need to take your workouts to the next level:

  • Stability Ball: Essential to your workouts, this stability ball will challenge you to engage your core as you fight for balance
  • Sculpting Guide: The basic introduction to everything you will need to know to get started right from the get go as you take on the The Brazil Butt Lift Master Series.
  • Maste Series 30 Day Guide: Challenge yourself to stay on track and complete this 30 day workout for the best results!
  • Weekend in Brazil 3-Day Cleanse: Get a jump start on your nutrition plan by cleansing your body with this unique 3-day plan 

Who is This Workout For?

If you are looking to take the results you developed in the Brazil Butt Lift to an even higher plane of perfection, than the The Brazil Butt Lift Master Series is for you. This will challenge you with new weights, new moves, and a new emphasis on your core.

Anybody who is looking to tackle a challenging workout that will torch calories, refine their body, and perfect their rear end will benefit from Leandro’s wisdom and experience. Just remember: if supermodels are eager to fly to New York for his training, then you know he’s got the goods for you too.