P90X NutritionWith the purchase of the P90X Extreme  Home Fitness System comes the P90X Nutrition Plan. This 120 page dieting and nutritional gem is chock full of ideas, tip, and recipes. Following the P90X Nutrition Plan is just as vital to your overall success as any of the extreme workouts in this program. Specifically designed to work in tandem with the P90X routines, this 3-phase eating plan provides the perfect combination of foods to satisfy your body’s energy needs every step of the way.

P90X is not about quick fixes or miracle diets. It’s about selecting the healthy foods that you WANT to eat, and determining the portion amounts that will provide your body with the right amount of fuel to excel during exercise. Identifying what, when, and how much to eat so you can lose fat and still get into incredible shape is the goal of this nutrition plan.

P90X® Nutrition Plan | The fact is, you are capable of achieving awesome results if you follow this eating plan as designed. For many, this may be the toughest exercise-but it is absolutely essential to succeed in this program. Once you incorporate the principles of the P90X nutrition plan into your life, you will quickly begin to feel better, look better, and without a doubt perform better. You’ll also soon discover that your cravings for unhealthy foods will be greatly reduced.

P90X® Nutrition Plan | BBQ PhotoYour commitment to getting in the best shape of your life depends on your willingness to adhere to the guidelines of this 3-phase eating approach. The fundamentals are simple and easy to follow. All you have to do is make the commitment to stick to the plan and give your body the high-octane fuel it needs to get to the finish line.

The Three Phases

Phase 1: Fat Shredder: A high-protein-based diet designed to help you strengthen muscle while simultaneously and rapidly shedding fat from your body.

Phase 2: Energy Booster: A balanced mix of carbohydrates and protein with a lower amount of fat to achieve additional energy for performance.

Phase 3: Endurance Maximizer: An athletic diet of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and lower fat with the emphasis on more carbohydrates. You’ll need this combination of foods as fuel to get the most out of your final few weeks and truly be in the best shape of your life!

Why Diet Matters during P90X

A large body of scientific evidence shows that diet and exercise work hand-in-hand to promote fitness and physical performance. One reason for this symbiotic relationship is the energy equation.

When you expend more calories than you consume, you burn body fat (aka “stored energy”) and build lean body mass-but because you need energy to exercise, every calorie you eat must be of the highest quality to get you over the hump.

With P90X, the old saying that goes “You are what you eat” rings truer than ever.