B y Elke Zabinski

August 6, 2009 – Day 4

There is a God! Cardio recovery day… a welcome break from the last two intense cardio workouts. Stretching has always been difficult for me. I have little flexibility especially in the legs and I really have to work on it.

If you’ve done yoga before you will be familiar with many of the stretches.  Today starts out with breathing exercises and plank work to take care of the core. I almost bit it going into one of the yoga poses but managed to catch myself. Next is DEEP muscle work and these exercises are done slow and controlled.

My legs were trembling during the squats and lunges and holding those poses is brutal but then you look at the clock ticking down and you know you can do this. When you repeat the exercises you pick up the speed a bit but this is by no means a cardio workout.

This is a short but sweet workout where you will be stretched from head to toe in order to speed up recovery from the past two workouts and to prepare the body for what it has coming. It’s nice to have workout like this and actually catch your breath!