What many of us want is to look good. To look great. To be able to pull off our shirt at the beach or in private with a certain special someone and enjoy the feeling of them looking at us. That can mean working on our pecs, our shoulders, making our thighs thinner, losing weight, whatever: but one thing we all have in common is a desire for a killer six pack. Say that’s your goal. Which way should you go about ensuring you get one? There are a variety of Beachbody programs to choose from, and today we’re going to review the best candidates.

Let’s kick it off with Rev Abs. Brett Hoebel’s workout is a 90 day marathon of technical brilliance which attacks the goal of helping you get a six pack through several different ways. You train your core to build up the abs, you do interval training to burn off the fat, and you do some resistance training to help build you musculature. This is an excellent mid-level workout for those who are interested in getting a six pack in 90 days, and aren’t ready to go to the ground with an extreme workout.

Then we have Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs. Man, if you love having fun, if you like to groove and move and crunch and dance, then this workout is for you. Shaun T will help you burn calories while never getting down onto the ground to do crunches. Try this out if your goal is to have as much fun as it is to get that six pack–it’s an excellent intro workout for anybody and everybody. Same goes for Turbo Jam–a great intro cardio kickboxing class for you to start out with.

What about P90X? Anybody who has done the Ab Ripper knows how brutal that core workout is. Only fifteen minutes, but man do they seem to last forever. This 90 day workout will definitely help you get a six pack–it’s almost guaranteed if you do it correctly–but the focus is more on gaining muscle mass than losing weight.

Which is why for my money the Insanity Workout is the number one way to lose those calories and pop that six pack. 60 days of cardio madness with tons of core work and calisthenics will see those abs explode from your core if you but have the tenacity to hang in there.

What do you guys think? Which do you think is best?