insanity asylum

Shaun T rocked the world when he released the Insanity Workout, a 2 month blast of extreme interval training that took you from zero to hero in just sixty days. Billed as the most extreme home workout available, it immediately became an overnight success, with hundreds of thousands lining up to take the challenge and see if they could dig deep, if they could realize a total body transformation that might take any other person over a year to do. However, Shaun T wasn’t content with having created the most extreme workout–he decided to up the ante, and create Insanity: The Asylum, the next level of madness in home workouts.

Why come up with an even more extreme workout? Because in the 18 months since Insanity was released, tens of thousands of people have not only graduated from the program, but have come out on top and asking for the next challenge. They want to take their fitness gains to the next level, so Shaun T has come up with something that will make even those fitness fanatics pause and take stock.

However, Insanity: The Asylum is not just another round of similar Insanity Workouts. Instead, Shaun T has changed the focus of his workouts and decided to center Asylum around sports training, spurring you on so that you will be not just developing an incredible cardio engine, but working on your agility, your balance, your power and athletic ability. Insanity: The Asylum will prepare you for Game Day, which can be any athletic event that requires the most potent combination of skills, health, strength, agility and speed possible.

So whom is The Asylum for? In truth, due to its extreme emphasis on sports skills, it can be of great benefit to any serious athlete, as well as all Insanity and Turbo Fire grads, those who are already rocking a serious level of fitness, or anybody looking to take their game to the next level.

So there you go, boys and girls, the next iteration in fitness extreme is going to be coming to a Beachbody Coach near you. Are you ready to go to the Insanity Asylum?