By Elke Zabinski

Insanity on PMS

The true test of INSANITY for me is when PMS takes over and what can I actually complete of this workout. To be honest with you, to say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed does not compare. My emotions in the morning were raging and I know what is right for me but the devil on my shoulder always gets the best of me. So, after having close to a nervous breakdown, my colleague Juli manages to calm me and focuses my frustrations on writing. How she does it I have no clue but she is a God send and I manage to write double the reviews she requested because she didn’t force me to but ASKED me to. It takes a great mentor to know how to word things just right.

INSANITY on PMS, I consider myself  tough woman. But PMS is a real drag, I pressed play and this was the first time while doing the workout that I couldn’t wait for it to be over. My doctor explained this to me a while ago.   And since I had never heard about this I feel the need to share. The female body before it menstruates will assume that it is pregnant and will try to protect the embryo as much as possible, there fore we have a lack of energy or don’t want to get out of bed at all in order to protect the embryo (weather or not or are pregnant). It’s a totally natural process that has zero to do with our present schedules.

Even if you know exercise is the best thing for you it’s a challenge just to do it. But I have to admit I did feel better after doing Pure Cardio. By no means could I keep up with all the movements but I don’t feel bad. This is where Shaun T’s brilliance comes in he says” I am not here to hurt you I am only here to make you better”. Pearls of wisdom if I do say. I push it when I can but I will not sacrifice form over speed. But this workout is like a drug. I wake up and look forward to doing it no matter how hard. Yes it’s hard and I grasp for breath on so many movements and the moves I have down I PUSH on through. But when I see myself in the mirror… cheekbones like blades of ice coming down my face, ab definition I have NEVER seen before (right now I have a 4-pack but I see it in the obliques as well, leg power so fierce I can self-defend myself because you can build up so much power in the legs) but the endorphin rush alone.  I feel happy, I feel happy after the workout and I feel good enough that I want to spread the word. It’s not easy at all but the endorphin rush alone is worth it.