by Elke Zabinski

August 5, 2009  – Day 3

Just finished the INSANITY Cardio & Power Resistance workout. I waited 3 ½ hours between lunch and working out and I still wanted to throw up at some points. My hands are shaking as I type, so this definitely is utilizing muscle groups that I don’t push on a regular basis. I should have watched this workout before because some of the push ups were completely new to me, I also wish I did this first thing in the morning when my stomach was truly empty.

The push-ups in this workout are Insane. There are 4 different types of push-ups in this workout. V-push ups and tricep ball push ups I’ve never done either before and they are killer. The moving push-ups are near impossible for me because I am so out of breath by the time they come around and I find myself grasping for a breath. The last exercise is hop squats and regular push ups but even doing a few regular push ups at this point takes everything out of me.

The key words for today were Keep Pushing Through that was what got me through today. This is one wicked glute and shoulder workout and of course all the moves work the core. Besides the push ups get ready for some grueling squats and jump moves that will have your leg muscles screaming…