by Elke Zabinski

August 11, 2009 Day 9

During this workout I thought the only way to describe it would be to use every expletive I know. The workout is torture – how could a minute possibly feel so long… Every exercise is done for a full minute and there is no official break after the stretch but of course you can break whenever you need to especially if your form is starting to go.

How can a minute go by so slow and the workout by so fast? It must be the continuous change. Besides the warm-up which you do three reps, the actual workout is only one tortuous heart-aching lung pumping set.  The hooks and jump rope WTF, INSANE – this one had me breathing the hardest if I could get a breath in but my jumps are improving since we did the high jumps yesterday as well.

As excruciating as INSANITY is I have to say I’ve been feeling really good. All those great endorphins are released in my body and I feel happy. I’m not nearly as sore as I thought I would be and I know I’m pushing myself. I always have the recovery drink immediately after my workout and I think that this is a huge help. I’ve been taking it for so long I can’t imagine working out with out it. It tastes good and I know it supplies my body with the nutrients I need after an INSANE workout.

Along with the Recovery Drink I take Slimming Formula & Peak Health Formula.  I know it seems like a lot but considering how nutrient deficient our food is, I can feel better knowing I am getting the nutrients from these supplements. I look at it as an investment in myself, if I take care of myself now I’ll be much better off in the future. I’m in my early 30’s now, fitness has always been a part of my life and I plan on it always being in my life. Actually a healthy life style plain and simple is MY way of life!