INSANITY Workout Reviews

After much thought, work and coding, we’re proud to announce the unveiling of our INSANITY reviews section. One of the most common questions put to us by our friends and customers is basically, ‘What is the INSANITY workout like? Is it too tough, too intense for me?’ Well, with our new review section, we hope to be able to answer that question for everybody.

The Reviews page is broken into three parts. The first is a detailed look at each INSANITY DVD workout. You can read and learn exactly what each workout consists of, how long, what moves, and what level of intensity is expected from you. It’s the perfect way to gauge if you’re ready for that kind of challenge. Then there’s the Test Crew Results, where the original Test Crew that underwent INSANITY with Shaun T tells you their story, from where they began to how they feel now. Finally, there’s the Testimonials page, where people can put up their results and talk about how they felt after each workout.

Not that the Reviews Section is finished! We want to make it more interactive, more informative and more accessible to everybody, so please, if you have any suggestions or feedback, leave a comment and let us know! As is, we hope that we are able to provide a resource for everybody and anybody interested in INSANITY, and will keep working to bring you as much original, informative content as possible.