Dance Off – Brazil Butt Lift VS Hip Hop Abs

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In the great dance off workout championship of the world, which would win as the best workout: Brazil Butt Lift or Hip Hop Abs? Which workout has the best moves, makes you sweat the most, which features the most scorching music? Which, in effect, is the best dance workout in the entire world? Today in this here blog post we're going to take a look at each, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and then reach a crushing verdict. Crushing, I tell you.

NEW Brazil Butt Lift Workout Giveaway!

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With the Shakeology + OSTER Blender Giveaway winner announced, we're rolling right on over to the next one: a Leandro Carvalho's fantastic new Brazil Butt Lift workout. Used to help Victoria Secret models get in shape without bulking up, it's taken the fitness community by storm since being released this Spring, and now you stand a chance of winning a copy yourself simply by Friending us on Facebook.

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Is The Brazil Butt Lift Workout Right For You?

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Brazil Butt LiftIs the Brazil Butt Lift Workout right for you? It very well could be. It all depends on your goals, what style of workout you enjoy, and your attention span. I'm going to review some of the strengths of the BBL workout in this post, and then give some broad indications as to whom it might best appeal to. One of the great thing about the fitness workout DVD's out there today is that there's something for everyone, and judging from the number of Brazil Butt Lift's we're selling here at Extreme Fitness Results, it's clear that a lot of people have decided that this workout is for them.

Which Celebrities Has Brazil Butt Lift Trainer Leandro Carvalho Trained, Exactly?

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Better BootyEverybody these days is a celebrity trainer. Sometimes it feels like you can't even go down to your local gym on the corner without running into a celebrity trainer, or at least somebody who affixes that title to their name and then glosses over exactly whom they've trained. So perhaps we should all get jaded, accept that 'celebrity trainer' is a common title that means nothing these days. Or perhaps we can dig a little deeper, and see who has had their famous bodies sculpted by whom. Leandro Carvalho, the Brazilian 'Butt Master' from Manhattan is about to release his new Brazil Butt Lift workout program. Sure enough, he's being touted as a 'celebrity trainer', so I dug up his press kit and went through it carefully to see if the title is merited. And you know what? It really, really is.

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