Brazil Butt LiftIn the great dance off workout championship of the world, which would win as the best workout: Brazil Butt Lift or Hip Hop Abs? Which workout has the best moves, makes you sweat the most, which features the most scorching music? Which, in effect, is the best dance workout in the entire world? Today in this here blog post we’re going to take a look at each, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and then reach a crushing verdict. Crushing, I tell you.

First off, let’s turn our eyes to the Brazilian Butt-Lift workout. Designed by the legendary Leandro Carvalho to address the needs of the fabulous Alessandra Ambrosio, it was created in order to achieve one thing: sculpt and lift that perfect booty without thickening the legs with unwanted muscle. To give you the perfect Victoria Secret model figure without forcing you to go under the knife. Leandro comes from a dance background, having come to the US in order to dance ballet, and being well versed in the mysteries of the ancient Brazilian martial arts/dance style of capoeira. Taking his knowledge of exercise, cardio and core work, he blended it all together with music and dance and created the Brazil Butt Lift.
What are the BBL dance strengths? Well,  let’s be honest. Not all the workouts feature dancing. Some of them focus more on core, or light resistance training. But the ones that do–hoo boy. He leads you through endless dance steps and combinations set to the best Brazilian Beats, increasing their complexity and adding them to each other until at the very end it feels like you’re grooving in Carnival. OK, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, BUT NOT MUCH.

Now, let’s turn our collective eyes to HIP HOP ABS, created and starring the INSANE Shaun T. This came out before he captained his Insanity Workout, back when people still thought he was a sane, gentle, nice guy. Hip Hop Abs is based on one simple premise: that you can develop crazy abs without ever lying down to do a crunch. That you can dance and tuck and tense all while standing on your feet, moving and grooving. Every workout is a dance workout, and features most excellent and puissant hip hop beats.


Being half Brazilian, I am partial to the Brazil Butt Lift, but I have to admit that in terms of sheer dancing Hip Hop Abs takes the cake. Every workout, people! Every workout! Ah well, what can you do. We still have Carnival.