brazil-butt-lift-bannerWhether ’tis better for the butt to suffer the thousands of injections of extricated body fat, or to take part in a series of exercises, and by working out grow one?

Straining, sweating, lunging and leaping, women across our nation are striving for the perfect butt. They stare at their profiles in body length mirrors, they stare at skinny jeans, stare at Victoria Secret Catalogs and ponder the inscrutable perfection of the rear ends of such Brazilian supermodels as Alessandra Ambrosia and Fernanda Motta. The perfect ass has become the new fitness ideal, and everywhere people seek to acquire by any means necessary the booty of their dreams. In the end, however, there are basically two ways to go about sculpting your tush. Go under the knife, or subject yourself to an ass sculpting fitness routine. Which one should you do?

Let’s consider the knife. Or, in this particular case, the cannula. Cannula are the tubes that the surgeon inserts into your body in order to suck out the fat that will then be processed, refined, and then re-injected into your body to simulate the perfect tush. Which means going under general anesthesia, getting liposuction performed on your stomach, upper thighs and lower back, and then having said fat injected at varying depths of your dermal and muscle tissue through thousands of injections in the hopes of retaining the new fat distribution for as long as possible.

Sound awesome? Think again. First of all, here’s the real skinny on surgical butt lifts-there’s no guarantee that they will last. That your body won’t absorb or redistribute that fat shortly after its been re-inserted. What’s more, do we need to mention the dangers of going under general anesthesia? Why do you think anesthesiologists are paid over $160,000 year? Because it’s potentially such a dangerous procedure. And then consider: odds are if your butt is less than perfect, the rest of your body could use a little toning too. And won’t it look strange to have a perfect butt implanted right in the middle of your in-need-of-toning body? I think the answer is: yes.

Ok, forget cannula and a thousand injections and knives and butt implants and anesthesia and that whole mess that will only garner you a benefit that might be temporary at best. What about honest workouts? Jane Fonda leaping and cavorting, music pumping, hand weights, lunges, breaking fat down the old fashioned way, building real muscle? Sound appealing? Perhaps. But if you’re a little wary of pulling on the knee high socks and the spandex outfits, there’s good news. Remember the Victoria Secret models from the introduction, the girls with asses so enviable that the ‘Brazilian Butt’ has become synonymous for perfection? Where do you think they go to work out? The answer is finally out there, and it’s with Leandro Carvalho.

Whom, it might be noted, is about to release an At-Home Fitness Workout DVD set gloriously entitled ‘The Brazil Butt Lift‘. Did that make you sit up? It should. Carvalho has been helping supermodels refine and tone their naturally superb butts for years, as well as a host of fitness aficionados on the Manhattan Upper West Side. His legendary classes are now finally going to be emancipated from the exclusivity of his Equinox club and released to the public at large. Forget knee high socks, and think instead salsa rhythms and capoeira dance moves, think ultra-refined techniques whose results have been on display on countless catwalks and wearing lingerie on the most coveted and admired underwear catalog in the world.

So ask yourself: the tedious and painful rigmarole of surgery, or a modern, tropical workout that will not only deliver the perfect tush but sculpt your whole body? Think about it. Seems like an obvious choice to me.

Phil Tucker is a Fitness Product Review specialist for Miami based Extreme Fitness Results LLC. Visit Extreme Fitness online to learn more about fitness and weight loss programs like Brazil Butt Lift and the PX90 Extreme Home Fitness System.