Just kidding folks. Ahem. Is the Brazil Butt Lift Workout right for you? It very well could be. It all depends on your goals, what style of workout you enjoy, and your attention span. I’m going to review some of the strengths of the BBL workout in this post, and then give some broad indications as to whom it might best appeal to. One of the great thing about the fitness workout DVD’s out there today is that there’s something for everyone, and judging from the number of Brazil Butt Lift’s we’re selling here at Extreme Fitness Results, it’s clear that a lot of people have decided that this workout is for them.

First off, not everybody is intent on detonating their bodies with INSANITY or P90X. While many people relish the radical challenge that these programs provide, their very intensity and the necessary time commitment simply aren’t for everyone. Some people don’t want to workout six days a week for an hour or more, or don’t have the time. Other people don’t want to go beyond their limits every single day for three months, living in a constant state of soreness and euphoria. Even more likely, not everybody CAN do these extreme workouts–after all, they’re designed for people who have already developed their athletic potential, who are already in great shape, and want the ultimate challenge.

Does that mean Brazil Butt Lift is easy? NO. I was talking the other day with a Beachbody Coach who had finished INSANITY, and was now doing BBL. I asked her how they compared, and she laughed, and told me that BBL was surprisingly tough. It’s a different workout; it pushes you in new ways, forces you to exercise your body with a different philosophy, and thus, especially if you thrown in some light hand weights, can be extremely challenging.

A lot of people simply don’t enjoy doing weights, or running on a treadmill for hours. They hate the repetitive nature of the game, and would rather do something more creative, go outside, play a sport. This is where Brazil Butt Lift excels. Leandro Carvalho has put together a fun combination of dance and exercise moves that everybody I’ve spoken to has enjoyed. His class was voted #1 in NYC for two years in a row for this very reason, and between the samba, the ballet, the traditional cardio and the axe, you will find yourself dancing and burning your muscles up at the same time. Once he’s taught you some five or six dance combos, he then leads you through sequences, testing both your memory and rhythm, our ability to work out hard and enjoy yourself at the same time. The music is great, with each workout done to the infectious grooves of Brazil, and once the beat starts, you won’t be able to stop.

But what does the Brazil Butt Lift do for your body, exactly? Leandro first put it together when Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio approached him and asked that he design a workout that would sculpt and tone her butt without bulking up her thighs. The goal was to slim and lift her rear without developing muscular thighs and calves, and that’s precisely what Leandro did. By combining a full body workout with booty targeting exercises, BBL will slim you down while toning and filling out your booty by targeting all the right muscles.

So if you’re looking for something that’s fun, that’s done to great music, that will target your rear end (whether it needs to shrink or grow), that works for Victoria Secret models and won’t kill you every day, then the Brazil Butt Lift might just be for you.


Brazil Butt Lift