Everybody these days is a celebrity trainer. Sometimes it feels like you can’t even go down to your local gym on the corner without running into a celebrity trainer, or at least somebody who affixes that title to their name and then glosses over exactly whom they’ve trained. So perhaps we should all get jaded, accept that ‘celebrity trainer’ is a common title that means nothing these days. Or perhaps we can dig a little deeper, and see who has had their famous bodies sculpted by whom. Leandro Carvalho, the Brazilian ‘Butt Master’ from Manhattan is about to release his new Brazil Butt Lift workout program. Sure enough, he’s being touted as a ‘celebrity trainer’, so I dug up his press kit and went through it carefully to see if the title is merited. And you know what? It really, really is.

Let’s cut to the chase. Instead of warming up with the lesser known models and actors and going for the big reveal at the end of my article, I’m going to give you the goods right up front. Have you heard of the Victoria Secret Models? Of course you have. Now, have you seen them? Ever notice they have particularly fine examples of female bodies? If you’re a fan, then you should be sending fan mail to Leandro Carvalho, who is Alessandra Ambrosio’s personal trainer, along with a number of the other Victoria Secret models, such as Raica Oliveira, Ana Beatriz Barros and Fernanda Motta. Go ahead and google them. In the name of research, of course, and take a close look at their bodies. If the most beautiful women from Brazil attend Leandro’s fitness classes, than you know he’s doing something right.

Stunningly beautiful women aside that are admired the world over, whom else does he have in his corner? Apparently Leandro’s rep is such that he was invited by Sting to come to his house and give a personal lesson before a show. Leandro showed up, unfazed by the fame of his client, ready to lead him and his wife Trudie Styler through a brutal series of lunges and plies, only to find a number of other stars awaiting him. Tom Hanks, his wife Rite Wilson, and tennis legends Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. Reportedly Leandro kept his cool, and led the star studded group through his workout, making sufficiently good an impression Sting that he was invited to go backstage at his show later that night.

The list goes on, but the point is this. There are ‘celebrity trainers’, and then there are celebrity trainers. Leandro Carvalho has been selected by Beachbody to release his Brazil Butt Lift workout on DVD for what can be called very tangible reasons. If the most beautiful women from Brazil attend his class religiously in order to achieve the heights of physical perfection that causes modeling agencies to pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars, than I believe the rest of us can rest assured that he can deliver results, and that his Brazil Butt Lift At-Home Workout DVD will be much, much more than just hype. Scheduled to be released in October, the smart money’s on this program really kicking butt.

Pablo Bressan and Phil Tucker are Fitness Product Review specialists for Miami-based Extreme Fitness Results LLC. Visit Extreme Fitness Results online to learn more about fitness routines like Brazil Butt Lift and the P90X Workout.