Shakeology Scam?

With the rise in popularity of Shakeology, people are beginning to ask: Is Shakeology a scam? How can something sound so good on today’s market? We all know that corporations are self interested entities–why would Beachbody go to such lengths to develop such a great product? There has to be a scam somewhere, there has […]

Diet And Results

The perennial question is: how do you lose weight and keep it off? How do you avoid the yo-yo swings that everybody seems to go through, such that they are endlessly dieting, hitting a great place, and then slipping back to where they were? You know the phenomenon–a friend of yours will adopt a rigorous […]

What is a Cleanse?

I’m sure you’ve heard people discussing cleanses by now. It’s become a prevalent part of the culture for those who are interested in cleaning their systems and purging themselves of all the toxins and sludge that’s built up in their intestinal tracts. The idea is simple: for a short number of days you adopt a specific diet that is light and wholesome and stop eating solid, heavy foods that put a strain on your system. The benefits are immediate: you feel lighter, cleaner, and often ready to kick off a serious diet.

Free Shakeology Giveaway: Enter Your Favorite/Craziest Recipe to Win!

ShakeologyWhere you guys aware that Shakeology is rapidly becoming one of the most successful supplements out there? (Is it even a supplement? It’s actually a full meal replacement!) To celebrate this rising in popularity, and the general excitement this product is generating across the nation (we’re not making this up, we get amazing feedback here at EFR almost every day), we want to do a Shakeology giveaway to spur people to share their favorite recipes–and their craziest ones.

Happy St. Patty’s Day: Greenberry Shakeology or Green Beer?

Greenberry ShakeologySt. Patty’s Day is upon us, and you all know what that means: debauchery, good cheer, celebrating with friends, drinks, partying in Irish Bars, green beer, more partying, seeing more good friends, and then a terrible hangover on Thursday. Ah, perfect, I can you hear you exclaim with eminent satisfaction. But is it?!? Is that the best one can hope for today, or is there more, could we collectively reach out for a better, more nutritious goal? Nutrition, I hear you mutter? Who said anything about nutrition? Well, your doctor, for one, and your mother, and your personal trainer too. They’re all very concerned, you know, and asked that I write this post. So, think of this as a missive from the ones who love you best. So set aside that green beer for a moment (it’s only 10.30am, you shouldn’t even be drinking that yet!) and listen up.