Shakeology Cleanse

With the rise in popularity of Shakeology, people are beginning to ask: Is Shakeology a scam? How can something sound so good on today’s market? We all know that corporations are self interested entities–why would Beachbody go to such lengths to develop such a great product? There has to be a scam somewhere, there has to be a catch.

Let’s look at the product and the company, and see if we can get a sense of where it comes from and why it’s not a scam at all.

1. Carl Daikeler

The number one reason why Shakeology is not a scam is because of Carl Daikeler’s mission statement. Carl is the CEO of Beachbody, and it was his vision more than a decade ago that launched Beachbody. His mission statement was simple: stop the growing trend in obesity. To help America become healthy and fit once more. Toward that end he has launched fitness program after fitness program, from P90X to the INSANITY Workout, and now with Shakeology he is making good on his promise–to help Americans reverse their slide into poor health with a fantastic meal replacement shake.

2. Doctors

The number of professional MD’s whom have come out and stated their support for Shakeology is not only astounding–it’s growing. As of this writing some 30 professional MD’s, from surgeons to general practitioners to specialists in Eastern Medicine have put their names and their credentials on the line to support Shakeology. They advocate its use as a Shakeology Cleanse. These aren’t paid actors, but the real thing–doctors with practices, patients, reputations, whom have examined Shakeology and declared their unanimous support for it.

3. Darin Olien

Darin Olien is the nutritionist behind Shakeology, and this guy if for real. Carl didn’t hire a panel of ‘experts’ who know how to mix chemicals and artificial sweeteners together; he went to a truly legitimate source of knowledge and integrity, and asked Darin to make a meal replacement shake that would be the healthiest thing ever. Darin has his BA in Exercise Physiology/Nutrition with emphasis in business and combining his now over 15 years of professional experience in health, nutrition and exercise he is a world class expert in the field. He searched the globe for the best, purest sources of nutrition, and combined them all into Shakeology.

See why Shakeology isn’t a scam? From the integrity with which it was made to the critical acclaim it’s achieved with licensed doctor’s, Shakeology is for real, through and through.