Were you guys aware that Shakeology is rapidly becoming one of the most successful supplements out there? (Is it even a supplement? It’s actually a full meal replacement!) To celebrate this rising in popularity, and the general excitement this product is generating across the nation (we’re not making this up, we get amazing feedback here at EFR almost every day), we want to do a Shakeology giveaway to spur people to share their favorite recipes–and their craziest ones.

To enter this competition, all you have to do is post a comment below of your favorite Shakeology recipe. Make it as yummy and appetizing as possible, and tell us why you love it so.

Or, you can submit your craziest recipe, the kind of science experiment a sixth grader would die for, something that has to technically be edible but which would really make people stop and think twice.

The competition runs until midnight, Thursday night, and the winners will be selected by the EFR staff on Friday, with the winner for the best and another for the craziest entries announced on a blog post that day. The winners will get 2 Greenberry packets and 2 Chocolate packets of Shakeology mailed to their homes, for them to either scarf down over the weekend or to share with their friends.

So! Let us know what kind of recipes you love, and what sort of mad recipe your imagination unleashed can concoct. For the full rules and guidelines for this competition, click here.

Also, checkout this new video by Debbie Siebers of Slim in 6 fame, where she expounds on her love for Shakeology, and why mixing it with her workout program is probably the best thing since ham and nutella sandwiches!