Shakeology Cleanse

The perennial question is: how do you lose weight and keep it off? How do you avoid the yo-yo swings that everybody seems to go through, such that they are endlessly dieting, hitting a great place, and then slipping back to where they were? You know the phenomenon–a friend of yours will adopt a rigorous diet for three months, lose a ton of weight, and suddenly look fantastic. Having ‘accomplished’ their goal, they reward themselves with a treat–and a month later have put all the weight back on. How do you avoid this? What is the trick to losing weight and keeping it off?

The answer is simple: exercise. Recent studies have shown that exercise does little for actually helping you lose weight–the amount you lose is a fraction of what you need to burn in order to lose ten or twenty pounds–but it does play a role in the process. Rather than thinking that your hour on the treadmill will help you drop pounds, realize that exercise is the cement that keeps you from putting the weight back on when you reach your desired goal.

Why is this? Why does exercise help us from putting weight back on if it doesn’t do as much in the first place to help us lose it? That’s because our bodies have a set point, an ideal weight that they like to return to if given the chance. Unfortunately it is easier to raise your set point so that you are naturally inclined to be fatter than it is to lower it, so that you are skinnier. This means that when given a choice, your body will conserve fat, making it easy to yo-yo back to where you once were.

Exercise however is the greatest tool you have in changing your set-point. Once you reach your ideal weight, you need to exercise so as to help your body identify its new set point, and hold onto that weight. Of course you need to maintain excellent nutrition like a Shakeology meal, but exercise at that juncture is critical.

Remember, one of the easiest ways to lose weight is with meal replacements, and toward that end you can’t go wrong if you buy shakeology, the ultimate in healthy meal replacements. Shakeology results will be evident in your bolstered immune system, your boosted energy levels, and your lowered weight!