Insanity Fast & Furious is here!

The Insanity Fast & Furious Workout Is Here! As if the INSANITY Workout wasn’t enough. As if 10 DVD’s of action packed Max Interval Training wasn’t enough to drive you crazy. As if anybody had the fitness level to go even further. Well, it looks like Shaun T wasn’t content with just the Insanity Workout, […]

Turbo Fire is OUT!

Turbo FireThat’s right everybody, Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire as finally hit the streets and is now available through your friendly local Independent Beachbody Coach (*cough cough* Extreme Fitness Results, anyone?). This crazy product is a massive step up from Chalene’s Turbo Jam, in that it challenges you to stick your whole body in the lactate fire that is the HIIT workout. “HIIT Workout?” I hear you shrill, “What on earth is a HIIT Workout?” C’mon, folks, we all know that HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and it basically = torture. The kind of torture that scorches the fat right out from under your skin, leaving you all feverish and flushed and looking fabulous. Want to know more? Read on!

Will the Insanity Workout Make You Lose Muscle?

Insanity Workout Muscle LossI get asked this all the time. Will I lose muscle if I do the Insanity Workout? As with most questions, there’s an annoying answer: it depends. What are the variables? They’re your current body composition, your goals, and how you approach nutrition. Let’s take a quick look at what the Insanity Workout is designed to do, and then see how you can tweak that to best suit your needs.

Interval Training–Taking a Look at HIIT

Interval TrainingInterval training has become the hottest fad, with people decrying steady-state cardio, and promoting high-intensity interval training (HIIT) as if it were the only way to train. You’ll hear grandma’s discussing their Tabata Protocol numbers at bus stops, hear snickers as people walk by people jogging along slowly, and in general run into the belief that if you’re not HIITing it, you might as well not bother. What is HIIT? Is it really the ultimate way to train for cardio? What are its benefits, and what are its potential problems?

INSANITY Workout Review – Day 3

Insanity WorkoutYesterday was rough. As reported I woke up feeling sore, and that soreness lingered throughout the day. My hamstrings and calves were stiff and aching, and I kept having to stand up every twenty minutes or so to stretch them out during the course of the day. By the time I got home I was getting seriously worried that I wouldn’t be able to do the next INSANITY workout-if I was limping up the stairs, how was I going to do Suicide Jacks?

A Woman’s Review: Insanity Workout vs PMS

By Elke Zabinski Insanity on PMS The true test of INSANITY for me is when PMS takes over and what can I actually complete of this workout. To be honest with you, to say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed does not compare. My emotions in the morning were raging and […]

P90X vs Insanity Workout? Let’s Break It Down!

For the past couple weeks I have been asked this question repeatedly: P90X or Insanity Workout? Which one should I get? So let me go ahead and share my point of view.

Insanity Workout Review: Day 6 Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Plyometric Cardio Circuit – Round 2 August 8, 2009  – Day 6 This is my second time doing this workout and no, it hasn’t gotten any easier. I am soaked in sweat every ounce of water I drank (probably 16oz) during this workout is making its way back out through my pores. I can’t take […]

Insanity Workout Review: Day 4 Cardio Recovery

B y Elke Zabinski August 6, 2009 – Day 4 There is a God! Cardio recovery day… a welcome break from the last two intense cardio workouts. Stretching has always been difficult for me. I have little flexibility especially in the legs and I really have to work on it. If you’ve done yoga before […]

Insanity Workout Review: Day 2 Plyometric Cardio Circuit

By Elke Zabinski August 4, 2009  Day 2 WARNING: Do not eat before doing this workout, you’ll get nauseous and you could very well throw up. Drink water in moderation during the workout because all the jumping stirs things up a bit. If you maintain adequate hydration through out the day taking sips during the […]