Turbo Fire

Chalene JohnsonThat’s right everybody, Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire as finally hit the streets and is now available through your friendly local Independent Beachbody Coach (*cough cough* Extreme Fitness Results, anyone?). This crazy product is a massive step up from Chalene’s Turbo Jam, in that it challenges you to stick your whole body in the lactate fire that is the HIIT workout. “HIIT Workout?” I hear you shrill, “What on earth is a HIIT Workout?” C’mon, folks, we all know that HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, and it basically = torture. The kind of torture that scorches the fat right out from under your skin, leaving you all feverish and flushed and looking fabulous. Want to know more? Read on!

So Chalene is famous for putting together crazy workouts that she choreographs and sets her own music to, so that the end result is like some mad dance routine that you can’t help but lose yourself in as each punch and kick and jump and squat is accompanied by its own sound and set to infectious rhythms. Turbo Fire is just her latest sally into pushing people harder and further then they’ve gone before, but doing so in a way that will make the intensity bearable due to making it so much fun. That’s how she’s going to get away with packing those crazy HIIT workouts in there, by making the workouts so high energy, so upbeat and set to such good music that you won’t be able to help yourself and move!

Ok, so HIIT workouts, let’s look a little closer. Basically, what that entails is pushing yourself literally as hard as you can, revving your engine up to 110%, red lining so that you’re going all out, nothing left, for about 45 seconds, and then taking a break. Trust me, those 45 seconds will feel like forever–imagine sprinting through the airport terminal to catch your plane that’s about to take off, carrying two huge pieces of carry-on luggage and shoving through the crowd as fast as you can, heart hammering, sweat breaking out everywhere, lungs burning, for a whole 45 seconds. Then stop. Catch your breath, and again. You do these intervals a number of times, and you’re done, but never for very long; if you’re doing them right, you can’t do them for long. What does this do to your body? Extreme overload causes you to function anaerobically. Your body adapts rapidly, burning fat and changing its composition faster than you’ll believe, so that before long your results will be outstanding. And what’s best? It doesn’t take hours of working out. Ha! Can’t beat that.

Turbo Fire is out there right now, available and ready to start turbo charging your every waking moment. Curious to learn more? Then go to the product page to learn about Chalene Johnson, what comes in the package, and why this program might just be the perfect solution to your current health and fitness challenges!