Insanity Workout

The Insanity Fast & Furious Workout Is Here!

As if the INSANITY Workout wasn’t enough. As if 10 DVD’s of action packed Max Interval Training wasn’t enough to drive you crazy. As if anybody had the fitness level to go even further. Well, it looks like Shaun T wasn’t content with just the Insanity Workout, because he has now released a new addition to the collection: Insanity Fast & Furious. This new workout is a killer, the toughest yet, and if you think you need that ultimate challenge, well ladies and gentlemen, here it is.

What is this workout all about? It’s an insanely intense 20 minute workout. Does that mean it’s easier because it’s shorter? Oh no! You see he’s taken the entire intensity and challenge of a 45 minute workout and compressed it into a mere 20 minutes. That means you’ll be going faster, harder, more intensely than ever before. Just watch how the Insanity Workout crew falls to pieces trying to keep up. Just watch that sweat fly off their brows, their muscles pumping until they hit failure.

If you want to test yourself, if you think you’re the king of the hill having dominated Insanity and P90X, then step right up. This could be the workout for you, the one that leaves you wrecked and gasping in a pool of your own sweat as you try to get Insanity results.

Make no mistake about it folks, Shaun T is intent on pushing your every button with this Insanity training, working you mercilessly from every angle until your whole body screams stop. Don’t attempt this level of extreme without your doctor’s permission, don’t jump into this kind of workout with preparation, and most of all: good luck.

You can now buy the Insanity Fast & Furious Workout from the Extreme Fitness Results store, or get it FREE with your next purchase of the Insanity Workout.

So what are you waiting for?