What Is Insanity: The Asylum?

Shaun T rocked the world when he released the Insanity Workout, a 2 month blast of extreme interval training that took you from zero to hero in just sixty days. Billed as the most extreme home workout available, it immediately became an overnight success, with hundreds of thousands lining up to take the challenge and […]

What are Supersets?

Pull Up Chin UpEverybody has at some time or another been strapped for time, running late, on the go, and yet still having to find a way to fit in a good workout. So you’re faced with two options: simply skip your workout, claiming that you don’t have the time, or find a way to squeeze in as much exercise as you can into your narrow window of opportunity. Since nobody likes a quitter, what’s the best way to squeeze in your regular workout? One popular method is called Supersetting, and it’s as fast as it is effective. And what, pray tell, is that? Well, read on for all you need to know 😉

Insanity Workout Review: Day 4 Cardio Recovery

B y Elke Zabinski August 6, 2009 – Day 4 There is a God! Cardio recovery day… a welcome break from the last two intense cardio workouts. Stretching has always been difficult for me. I have little flexibility especially in the legs and I really have to work on it. If you’ve done yoga before […]

RevAbs by Brett Hoebel – Sneak Peak Preview and Reviews

Brett Hoebel and Beachbody  have launched  REVABS – a cutting-edge, ab-defining and body-toning program  This high-energy program combines ab training, interval training and strength training with a spice of Afro-Brazilian capoeira to yield unparalleled results in 90-days. Get ready to rumble…get ready to REV ! Created by award winning trainer Brett Hoebel, RevAbs combines some […]

Insanity Workout DVD: Now Available!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. After much fanfare and anticipation, Beachbody is finally releasing the new Insanity Workout video program with celebrity trainer Shun T. It was made available for purchase exclusively to Beachbody independent coaches like Extreme Fitness Results yesterday (July 8th, 2009). The company plans to make it available to the Team […]

Video Review: P90X Chin Up Bar vs Iron Gym

Don’t take our word for it. See what happens when an independent testing laboratory set up a “mano a mano” between the Iron Gym & the P90X chin up bars.