Which Celebrities Has Brazil Butt Lift Trainer Leandro Carvalho Trained, Exactly?

Better BootyEverybody these days is a celebrity trainer. Sometimes it feels like you can’t even go down to your local gym on the corner without running into a celebrity trainer, or at least somebody who affixes that title to their name and then glosses over exactly whom they’ve trained. So perhaps we should all get jaded, accept that ‘celebrity trainer’ is a common title that means nothing these days. Or perhaps we can dig a little deeper, and see who has had their famous bodies sculpted by whom. Leandro Carvalho, the Brazilian ‘Butt Master’ from Manhattan is about to release his new Brazil Butt Lift workout program. Sure enough, he’s being touted as a ‘celebrity trainer’, so I dug up his press kit and went through it carefully to see if the title is merited. And you know what? It really, really is.

Chin Up Bar Exercises – Benefits and Technique

There are certain standard exercises that are classics. The push-up, the crunch, the chin-up. Each one has been performed and perfected for years, and is abandoned for the latest fad and then returned to when wisdom prevails. Each requires no piece of fancy equipment, and relies instead on gravity and your body weight. Today let’s […]

In Search of the Perfect Butt

Whether ’tis better for the butt to suffer the thousands of injections of extricated body fat, or to take part in a series of exercises, and by working out grow one? Straining, sweating, lunging and leaping, women across our nation are striving for the perfect butt. They stare at their profiles in body length mirrors, […]

How the Tabata Protocol Will Break You – Interval Training Done Right

There is a common misconception that the amount of time poured into exercise directly correlates with the benefits accrued. That the longer you work, the better your results. Thus a fifty minute run is better than a fifteen minute run. An hour spent lifting weights is better than thirty minutes. To this effect you will […]

Body Fat Vs BMI – Which Should You Be Looking At?

These days it’s all about the benchmarks. It’s not enough to just look good and feel healthy. People want to know they’re doing well, want to be able to chart their progress, compare stats. What’s the national average for somebody of my age and sex? Should I be benching more? Running further? What’s my VO […]

How Hard is the Insanity Fitness Test?

The INSANITY workout program by Shaun T is based on the concept of Max Interval Training, where he inverts the traditional concept of brief periods of high intensity exercise with long moments of low intensity such that you kill yourself for extended periods of time with only slight breaks. This results in your body working […]

Vitamins – Essential Supplements or Marketing Gimmicks?

If you’ve walked by any dietary supplement store even the right section of your supermarket you will have seen them: shelves upon shelves of enigmatic vitamin supplements, ranging from your standard vitamin C to such esoteric things as bottles of green algae. Have you ever stopped and stared at these thousands of extracts, tinctures, reductions […]

RevAbs by Brett Hoebel – Sneak Peak Preview and Reviews

Brett Hoebel and Beachbody  have launched  REVABS – a cutting-edge, ab-defining and body-toning program  This high-energy program combines ab training, interval training and strength training with a spice of Afro-Brazilian capoeira to yield unparalleled results in 90-days. Get ready to rumble…get ready to REV ! Created by award winning trainer Brett Hoebel, RevAbs combines some […]

Insanity Workout DVD: Now Available!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. After much fanfare and anticipation, Beachbody is finally releasing the new Insanity Workout video program with celebrity trainer Shun T. It was made available for purchase exclusively to Beachbody independent coaches like Extreme Fitness Results yesterday (July 8th, 2009). The company plans to make it available to the Team […]

Video Review: P90X Chin Up Bar vs Iron Gym

Don’t take our word for it. See what happens when an independent testing laboratory set up a “mano a mano” between the Iron Gym & the P90X chin up bars.