Chalene Johnson’s latest release has set the fitness world to talking. Turbo Fire is the hottest product on the market, an incredibly high energy combination of cardio kickboxing with HIIT—High Intensity Interval Training. When it comes to burning calories and toning muscle while having a great time, nothing beats Turbo Fire. But that’s not where Chalene got started—before Turbo Fire there was and still is Turbo Jam, the classic cardio kickboxing workout that started a revolution. What is Turbo Jam? Read on to find out!

Turbo Jam was Chalene’s first real foray into the world of home workouts, in that she poured all her passion and knowledge and experience into its creation and made a workout that truly started a fitness change across the country. Think I’m exagerrating? Then consider that gyms across the States teach Turbo Jam Certification courses so that fitness trainers can teach Turbo Jam classes. Consider that hundreds of thousands of people have done and still do and realized incredible results with Turbo Jam. It’s the real deal.

Turbo Jam combined an innovative series of cardio kickboxing kicks, punches and high knees with traditional cardio to create a powerful, upbeat experience that turned your living room into the most popular cardio class workout in the gym. It brought energy, motivation, fun and an extremely challenging workout to the world, and helped effect countless total body transformations.

One of the reasons Turbo Jam was so effective was because it was scored by Chalene Johnson herself, who timed her beats and music to coincide perfectly with her moves during class, so that as you exercise you have a tailored soundtrack to every punch, kick, and step up in intensity.

Before Turbo Fire there was Turbo Jam, and one of the reasons Turbo Jam remains so popular is because it can be challenging for all levels of fitness while welcome all levels of fitness to participate. If you’re already in great shape you can push yourself and really get a great workout, or if you’re just starting you can take it slow and ramp your way up to success. Read our Turbo Jam Reviews to learn more!