Listen up! There are too many hacked, illegal copies of the P90X workout floating around there. People are getting the DVD’s and thinking they’ll be able to follow the proper workout plan as a result. That is wrong. You can’t do jack with just the DVD’s, just the workouts, and you want to know why? Because you’ve only got one third of the picture. If you want one those crazy total body transformations you need to follow the P90X Workout Schedule and the nutrition plan. Don’t believe me? Read on.

The Nutrition Plan is the heart and soul of the P90X workout. It helps you determine how much you should eat, tells you what to eat, and why. Think about it. Each pound of fat is about 3,000 calories. In order to lose weight you need to ensure that you’re burning more calories than you’re eating, but that you’re still eating enough to maintain a high level of energy. How to figure that out? The Nutrition Plan is how. Further, what should you be eating? How often? What should you avoid? How should you time your meals around your workouts? Truth is, these are essential components of the workout. If you don’t nail them down, you won’t get results, period.

Which brings us to the workouts proper. So you have a handful of DVD’s, the P90X Workouts. But what order do you play them? How do you know when to do the upper body workouts, the cardio, the plyo, the core? If you don’t order them right, you’ll get muscle fatigue in all the wrong places. If you don’t know the order to play them in, you’ll miss out on Tony’s key concept: Muscle Fatigue. That’s the brains behind the program, the order that changes in a carefully synchronized fashion that allows you to maximize your gains throughout the workout. Skip out on that, and you’re like a blind man trying to shoot clay pigeons.

So listen up. Follow the nutrition plan. Follow the prescribed schedule. If you skip out on those you will not achieve the results you need. Get smart, get ripped, get with the program!