NEW Brazil Butt Lift Workout Giveaway!

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With the Shakeology + OSTER Blender Giveaway winner announced, we're rolling right on over to the next one: a Leandro Carvalho's fantastic new Brazil Butt Lift workout. Used to help Victoria Secret models get in shape without bulking up, it's taken the fitness community by storm since being released this Spring, and now you stand a chance of winning a copy yourself simply by Friending us on Facebook.

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Father’s Day P90X Giveaway

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P90X Father's Day GiveawayFather's Day is right around the corner, looming on Sunday, June 21. If you're planning to celebrate it, if you plan on telling your Dad how much you love him, how much he's done for you, how proud you are of him and how much you want to enjoy the future with him, then think of entering our P90X Giveaway for the chance of winning a P90X Workout to give him as a gift.

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Free Shakeology Giveaway: Enter Your Favorite/Craziest Recipe to Win!

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ShakeologyWhere you guys aware that Shakeology is rapidly becoming one of the most successful supplements out there? (Is it even a supplement? It's actually a full meal replacement!) To celebrate this rising in popularity, and the general excitement this product is generating across the nation (we're not making this up, we get amazing feedback here at EFR almost every day), we want to do a Shakeology giveaway to spur people to share their favorite recipes--and their craziest ones.

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