Why the Insanity Workout is Hard Work

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Insanity Workout Everybody knows the Insanity Workout is hard. It's billed as such, says it right on the box, warns you that this is an extreme workout, and that it shouldn't be jumped into lightly. At first people revel in this intensity, love with a masochistic thrill how brutal it is. They recount war stories about each workout, compare just how bruised and sore they are. The more punishment they receive the more they feel they're earning a whole new body, and as such they come to almost crave that intensity, that burn, the sting of sweat running into their eyes as they lie on the floor, panting for breath. But that only lasts for a couple of weeks before that love for pain becomes resentment, complaints, a struggle to keep going, and then they quit. Why? Why the change of heart? Why does that intensity at first thrill and then kill? Why is the Insanity Workout such hard work?

Can You Do Only A Few Insanity Workouts / Week?

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Insanity WorkoutThe Insanity Workout is a comprehensive program that is composed of 10 Workouts on 10 DVD's. The workouts come with a comprehensive Nutrition Guide, and are meant to be done six days / week for two months straight. However, I frequently get questions about whether people can do the Insanity Workout only a few days / week, whether that will still 'work', or if it's worth even doing if they can't do the full program. I'm going to try and clarify a few doubts and misconceptions here, and hopefully set you guys straight!

Don’t Piss Of Shaun T

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Want to piss of Shaun T? I'd advise against it. Not only is the man large and heavily muscled, but he's also really, really fast. The quickest way to get in trouble with him is to buy your INSANITY Workout from pirates and counterfeiters. How can you tell who's a counterfeiter? Easy. ANYBODY selling for less than the full price of $119.89 is ripping off Shaun T, ripping off Beachbody, and lowering the chances that not only will Shaun T continue to produce excellent products, but that he'll get rewarded for the excellent work he's already done.

Insanity & Joint Pain–How To Take Care of Yourself

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Insanity Joint PainIt's a simple fact that the Insanity Workout involves an intense regimen of plyometrics and cardio, and that following such a schedule six days/week for two months can result in an inordinate amount of stressing on your joints. This is one of the main reasons why the Insanity Workout is considered an elite workout, due to the fact that in order to complete it successfully you need to have joints that are conditioned for high impact exercise. Many people don't, however, and still wish to attempt the Insanity Workout: what can they do in order to minimize the stress they will subject their joints to, and minimize any potential joint pain?

Will the Insanity Workout Make You Lose Muscle?

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Insanity Workout Muscle LossI get asked this all the time. Will I lose muscle if I do the Insanity Workout? As with most questions, there's an annoying answer: it depends. What are the variables? They're your current body composition, your goals, and how you approach nutrition. Let's take a quick look at what the Insanity Workout is designed to do, and then see how you can tweak that to best suit your needs.

The One Thing The Insanity Workout Is Missing

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Insanity WorkoutThe Insanity Workout is almost complete. It's almost everything you need to effect a total body transformation in only 2 months. Including a fantastic Nutrition Plan, a host of workouts that will make you a new person if they don't break you, a wall Calendar to track your workouts, an online support community and all the information you need to begin your incredible journey, it seems like a galaxy of support and encouragement and challenge. But there's a crucial component missing. There's something that people notice a couple of weeks in, something without which leads to increased soreness, increased pain, and makes the workout harder than it needs to be. What's this crucial component? Don't laugh folks, I've received endless complaints from people who have noticed this deficiency: calf stretches.

Insanity and Weight Gained After Pregnancy

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Insanity WorkoutDifferent people come to Insanity for different reasons. Some are former college athletes looking to regain their strength and energy ten years down the road. Others are preparing for a marathon, or looking to drop weight gained from a life of unhealthy habits. But one of the groups I run into the most frequently and receive the most questions from are women who gave birth to kids a few years ago and have woken up one morning to have put on 60 lbs or so. These women are amongst the most motivated and determined group I have run into, and their tenacity and desire to reverse the weight gain is often the strongest. But how hard is it for them to lose that weight? Do they face extra obstacles, or is it in fact easier for them?

Creatine – Good Idea For Insanity/P90X Workout?

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CreatineSports supplements come and go, promising to be the magic bullet that will suddenly turn us all into supermen, but one by one their claims are disproven and they are forgotten, only to be replaced by new and more exciting promises. However, one supplement however has survived all the scrutiny, has been tested by hundreds of scientific teams, has been used extensively these past two decades and still stands tall. If any single sports supplement out there can be said to work, than its Creatine, which leads us to the question: should you take it when about to undergo Insanity or P90X?

What Does an Insanity Workout Feel Like?

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Insanity WorkoutIf you go to our Reviews section, you'll find info each workout, hear from the people who have done Insanity, read personal testimonials and more. But sometimes people are looking for more than just how many Globe Jumps are in a workout, how long it is, or to hear success stories of people who have undertaken Insanity and come out the other side. They want to know what it feels like to do an Insanity Workout, what they would be in for. So in this post we're going to try and give you a taste of exactly that ;)

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