Insanity WorkoutThe Insanity Workout is a comprehensive program that is composed of 10 Workouts on 10 DVD’s. The workouts come with a comprehensive Nutrition Guide, and are meant to be done six days / week for two months straight. However, I frequently get questions about whether people can do the Insanity Workout only a few days / week, whether that will still ‘work’, or if it’s worth even doing if they can’t do the full program. I’m going to try and clarify a few doubts and misconceptions here, and hopefully set you guys straight!

First off, once you buy the Insanity Workout, you can do whatever you like with it. You can follow it religiously, doing every workout each morning and eating only what you’re supposed to. Or you could leave the box unopened on the shelf, and never do a single one. Or you could do one workout a week, or three, or find a way to combine it with your cross country running workouts, or your martial arts program, or anything at all. My first and most obvious point is this: the Insanity Workout is a fitness tool, and once you buy it, you can do whatever you like with it. Your results might vary depending on how you go about it, but in the end, you don’t need any permission to do what you like.

Now, as I said, your results will vary. If you expect the kind of results you see in the Infomercial, than you need to do exactly what you’re told. If you do less, you’ll get less out of it. So if you do the workout once a week, you’ll get a very slight change over time, and maybe nothing cumulative as you only stress your system randomly and don’t force it to adapt to the new workload. If you do the workout three times per week you will start to realize real changes, but they will be more gradual in nature, resulting in an increase in health in fitness, but nothing as radical as doing the workouts solid six days per week.

Does that mean Insanity is an all or nothing workout? That if you don’t get extreme results, you might as well not do it? Absolutely not. Some people don’t have the time, will power or sufficient conditioning to do it all six days. Instead, they might choose to phase into the workout, approach it in a more gradual manner so as to give their joints time to adapt. Also, be aware that a little exercise is better than none; that doing three workouts / week is infinitely better than just sitting on the couch, so in that sense, ANY amount of Insanity is good for you, and should be done.


Another reason people might not do the full 6 days is because they are already committed to another sports program. Swimmers, marathon runners, basketball players, all of these can benefit from Insanity, but cannot do it exclusively as they train for their sport. Instead, they use the program to supplement their current regimen, seeking to improve their anaerobic power, looking to improve their sprints, jumps and explosive movements. Is it worth their doing Insanity only a little? Of course!

So, looking at the original question,the answers are as follow: you can do whatever you like once you buy the program, and every little bit helps. If you can only do so much, than do it; if you can slowly do more, than do that too. The goal is to do the program as it is designed, but not everybody can right out the door. So instead, work your way up to it, and in the meantime do as much as you can.