Esteban Bressan & Shaun T

Want to piss of Shaun T? I’d advise against it. Not only is the man large and heavily muscled, but he’s also really, really fast. The quickest way to get in trouble with him is to buy your INSANITY Workout from pirates and counterfeiters. How can you tell who’s a counterfeiter? Easy. ANYBODY selling for less than the full price of $119.89 is ripping off Shaun T, ripping off Beachbody, and lowering the chances that not only will Shaun T continue to produce excellent products, but that he’ll get rewarded for the excellent work he’s already done.

Which is why Esteban Bressan, CEO of Extreme Fitness Results, met up with Shaun T this past weekend to talk shop, discuss the fitness industry and then hit the gym. Esteban Bressan is a huge fan of Insanity, having gone through the program twice, and he’s realized fantastic refinements to his already sculpted physique with this incredibly tough cardio/interval training routine.

“I just love it,” said Esteban, “Because it pushes you incredibly hard. Shaun T is an amazing trainer, and even though he may seem like a nice guy when you meet him, don’t be fooled: he’ll make you dig deeper than you ever thought possible, to the point where you honestly don’t think you have anything left to give.”

Esteban and Shaun T caught up in Miami, where Shaun T put Esteban and friends such as Kobi of Fitness By Kobi fame through the ropes by giving them a punishing ab routine.

“What really angers me is how people are illegally downloading or buying counterfeit copies from the internet,” says Esteban, “Because INSANITY is such a quality workout, and Shaun T is such a stand up guy, that it’s just not right that people steal from him or the work he’s done. I don’t understand how people can do his workout and yet knowingly rip him off.”

When asked about whether people might innocently download a cheaper copy not knowing it was a counterfeit product, Esteban simply shook his head. “I think people know. When the product is being sent to you from China, and your credit card is being processed by sketchy people who aren’t connected to Beachbody, and the discounts are so ridiculous and there is clearly no connection to either Shaun T or Beachbody, I think they know what they’re doing. What’s worse, they’re giving their private credit card information out to these unscrupulous strangers who can then keep that information and do with it what they want. I’m sure you guys have heard about identity theft. Giving private information like that to counterfeiters should surely strike everybody as a bad idea.”