Different people come to the Insanity for different reasons. Some are former college athletes looking to regain their strength and energy ten years down the road. Others are preparing for a marathon, or looking to drop weight gained from a life of unhealthy habits. But one of the groups I run into the most frequently and receive the most questions from are women who gave birth to kids a few years ago and have woken up one morning to have put on 60 lbs or so. These women are amongst the most motivated and determined group I have run into, and their tenacity and desire to reverse the weight gain is often the strongest. But how hard is it for them to lose that weight? Do they face extra obstacles, or is it in fact easier for them?

These women seem to all have been in great shape before they had kids. Young, slender, athletic, they were doing great until they had a couple or even three kids back to back. The disruption to their routine, the sudden loss of time, the stress and lack of sleep all contribute to ruin their discipline and work out routines and send them into a tail spin. They often complain about having lost tone and definition around their stomachs, and of having put on weight in general. Run down, worn out, overloaded and depressed with their physical condition, these women often come to Insanity looking for a breakthrough method to help set them on the right track once more.

First off, let me introduce you to somebody. Alysia M. was one of the original Insanity Workout test group participants. Now in her 40’s, and with a pair of twins who are 4 1/2, she had gained weight, lost energy, and was drifting. She threw herself into Insanity, and watch her testimonial below to get a sense of how much she accomplished.

I think that answers the question pretty clearly. Can women who’ve gained weight after pregnancies succeed with Insanity? YES! The only modifications they might have to make is to find a way to balance the demanding lifestyle of a mother of little kids with the commitment to eat right, to exercise every day, and remain dedicated through the first few weeks when their energy levels might be at their lowest.

Most importantly, I think a woman who is starting on Insanity after having adopted an unhealthy lifestyle due to stress and loss of time is setting an important precedent and example for her kids. Eating healthy is a habit best instilled when your kids are young; if you want them to grow up healthy, you should hold yourself up as a role model and feed them the kind of healthy food they need to be eating. Exercising, working out, having good energy, eating well, playing with them with more enthusiasm and being positive can only improve the atmosphere at home. Note: it’s not Insanity that is responsible for this, but the individual mother’s attitude and determination to take control of her life. Insanity is just the catalyst for this kind of positive change!

Are you a mother of young children and are looking to get your life back on track? Share your thoughts here on the unique challenges you face, and the determination you are bringing to this incredible workout!