4 Fave P90X Moves

P90X WorkoutIf you’ve been around the P90X block a couple of times, then you’ll have your favorite workouts and the ones you dread. For example, I love the Arms & Shoulders, Chest Shoulders & Triceps and Shoulders & Arms. Not so hot on Plyometrics, Legs & Back and the Ab Ripper, but what can you do? What you realize though is that with practice, with time, you start to really love certain exercises, certain moves that get you pumped, that you work extra hard at because you get that slight degree of extra pleasure doing it. So this blog post is a round up of MY favorite P90X Workout moves, and while I know these won’t appeal to everybody, feel free to chime in with what gets you psyched!

P90X Doubles – How To Succeed

P90X DoublesSome people are just crazy. Or suicidal. Or want to lose weight with extreme prejudice. Some people simply love an extreme challenge, or feel that if they’re not pushing the very bleeding limit of any program, they’re not giving it their all. For all of those, the extreme, the crazy, the fanatical and the determined, P90X Doubles is the way to go. What is it exactly? It’s a way of doubling the intensity and workload of the regular P90X workout.

Tony Horton @ the FIU Recreational Expo

FIU and Tony HortonSo it’s Friday, and I’m finally back at work. These past few days have been a whirlwind of P90X, meeting people, discussing fitness, promoting Beachbody and having a blast. Our team managed to pull everything off with smooth efficiency, and we celebrated last night with a large dinner, everybody at once proud of all our work and glad that it was over. Who would have thought sponsoring and running such events would be so tiring? When the adrenaline finally wears off, you’re left thinking: Wow. How did I just do all that?

Tomorrow: Tony Horton Live!

FIU and Tony HortonTomorrow Tony Horton is coming to FIU’s 2010 Recreation Expo, where he’ll be holding events all day, leading workouts, inspiring people and just being his regular awesome self. Extreme Fitness Results is proud to sponsor his appearance here, and we’ll all be present to both talk to people and make the most of the moment.

Muscle Confusion: Is It For Real?

Tony HortonTony Horton has based his P90X workout on the premise of ‘Muscle Confusion’, in which the 3 month workout is broken down into different phases, each containing a different variety of moves. The idea is that constantly changing the nature of your workout will help you avoid the ‘Plateau Effect’, where your body grows accustomed to the nature of the workout being asked of it, and stops growing as quickly. Is this true? Is there science behind this claim? In today’s blog post, we take a closer look.

Tony Horton to be Keynote Speaker at EFR Sponsored FIU Recreation Expo

FIU and Tony Horton
Extreme Fitness Results is proud to announce that it is sponsoring Tony Horton to come be the Keynote Speaker and lead an exclusive workout for the Florida International University’s Biscayne Bay Campus Recreation Expo 2010. The Expo is being held on September 1, 2010 from 10am-2pm, and will showcase the FIU Recreation Department, all of their sponsors, health screenings, diet/nutrition sessions, giveaways, free massages and more. But of course the heart of this year’s Expo will be Tony Horton, live on stage motivating people both with words and with his workout!

P90X: MC2 – The Future of P90X

P90X MC2In 2004 Beachbody released P90X, Tony Horton’s infamously tough and results oriented workout. The workout has gone to receive national acclaim and incredible success, with over 2 million people using it and constant, round the clock media coverage as pro athletes, celebrities, military officers and politicians promote their success with this program. Tony hasn’t been resting on his laurels, however; during the last 6 years he’s been working at improving his workouts, at designing new and more rigorous training exercises, all of which is culminating in a new workout slated to be released in 2011: P90X MC2 (Muscle Confusion 2).

Celebrities & P90X

P90X CelebritiesTune into any sports event and you’ll catch sight of athletes emblazoned with the logos and trademarks of various companies, their shirts and equipment sporting Nike swooshes, American Express credit cards and General Motor’s initials. Endorsements are a million dollar business, with some athletes like Tiger Woods earning up to sixty million dollars per year for simply wearing a certain set of clothing or using a certain kind of golf club. Given that, perhaps it’s no surprise that a long list of celebrities and athletes have come out an endorsed P90X, citing it as their favorite means of getting in shape. What might be surprising, however, is that they’re not paid to do so; each celebrity or professional athlete that praises P90X publicly is doing so of their own free will. So who are these celebrities, and what have they said about P90X?

Who is P90X’s Tony Horton?

Tony HortonToday he’s the face of the infamous P90X workout, a three month exercise regimen that has taken the country by storm and made his infomercial the most successful in the country. Progenitor of Beachbody workouts like Power 90, 10 Minute Workout, Power Half Hour, One on One and more, Tony Horton seems to be akin to a force of nature, ever burning, moving, succeeding and confident. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny his results, from the huge success of P90X to the legions of people whose lives he’s changed through his workout DVD’s. But how did he reach this pinnacle of success? Where did it all start? Was he always this confident and fit, or did he have his own mountains to climb?

Get Tony Horton’s One on One – For Only A Penny!

Tony Horton's One on OneIn an incredible promotion, Beachbody is selling Tony Horton’s vaunted One on One program for the astonishing price of $0.01 (plus shipping and handling). Unbelievably, you can buy Tony Horton’s One on One for only a penny-but this promotion lasts only until the end of March, and then it’s back to regular prices.