Tune into any sports event and you’ll catch sight of athletes emblazoned with the logos and trademarks of various companies, their shirts and equipment sporting Nike swooshes, American Express credit cards and General Motor’s initials. Endorsements are a million dollar business, with some athletes like Tiger Woods earning up to sixty million dollars per year for simply wearing a certain set of clothing or using a certain kind of golf club. Given that, perhaps it’s no surprise that a long list of celebrities and athletes have come out an endorsed P90X, citing it as their favorite means of getting in shape. What might be surprising, however, is that they’re not paid to do so; each celebrity or professional athlete that praises P90X publicly is doing so of their own free will. So who are these celebrities, and what have they said about P90X?

The dynamic duo that heads the list and that have repeatedly made their admiration for Tony Horton’s workout public knowledge are Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. They initially revealed their curiosity for P90X via Twitter, where both asked questions and mulled the program over, and then Ashton started getting serious about it as a new movie required he run about shirtless for awhile. “Time to get serious. I’m so paranoid about doing scenes with my shirt off,” he said. Demi chimed in next, saying, “I have only done the yoga DVD of the P90X so far and that kicked my a–! The husband is banging it out everyday though! I need to motivate!!”

Next on the list is Cheryl Crow, who gushed about PX90 on the red carpet a few years back, and has sported a slamming body ever since. Comfortable enough now to play concerts in only her bikini and happy to pose in such manner as to show off her gains, this rockstar revealed that with the birth of her new child, she didn’t have the time to run as she had in the past, and that the P90X system dovetailed perfectly with her new hectic schedule.

Pink has also been raving about P90X, and recently was featured on the cover of Women’s Health magazine. She said, “Ever hear of P90x? My brother and his wife are both in the Air Force; they do marathons and triathlons. I went to visit and she was doing P90x. I couldn’t keep up with her-and she’s just had her first baby four weeks before. I was like, This is bullshit! I will perfect this thing! So usually, I wake up and do an hour of cardio, then an hour of P90x or yoga, then a half-hour of warm-up. i do that six days a week.

The list goes on and on, and here’s what Tony’s scraped together thus far:

1. Sheryl Crow
2. Ashton Kutcher
3. Demi Moorre
4. Usher
5. Ewan McGregger
6. Jenny Garth
7. Poppy Montgomery
8. Emmett Smith
9. Ray Lewis
10. David Akers
11. Donovan McNabb
12. Brian Westbrook
13. Matt Diaz
14. Kelly Slater
15. Barry Zito
16. Bryce Dallas Howard
17. Kenny Smith
18. Jo Jo Reyes
19. Brian Wilson
20. Pink
21. Joey Fatone
22.John Hartung ~ Local news and sports
23. Paul Ryan ~ Congressman – R
24. Heath Schuler ~ Congressman – D
25. Ray Allen
26. Jason Scheff