Tony Horton's One on One

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In an incredible promotion, Beachbody is selling Tony Horton’s vaunted One on One program for the astonishing price of $0.01 (plus shipping and handling). Unbelievably, you can buy Tony Horton’s One on One for only a penny-but this promotion lasts only until the end of March, and then it’s back to regular prices.

Why should you buy One on One? It’s the next logical step after P90X. If you’ve shown the dedication and tenacity to fight your way through those 90 days of grueling workouts, and want more than to simply repeat or rehash the P90X program, than One on One with Tony Horton is for you. Each month you’ll be shipped a new DVD filmed right in Tony’s own personal gym, raw, direct footage of the master himself at work. It’s like training with a Shaolin Master alone in his temple, getting that direct connection and focusing on the advanced techniques that Tony reserves for himself. Each month a new DVD is released, and each month you’ll receive a new addition to your collection of ultra workouts for you to incorporate into your regimen and challenge yourself to the max with.

What Do I Get For a Penny?

* You get the first month’s DVD, entitled “Cardio Confusion – Mason’s Choice“. IN March’s workout Tony applies his famous Muscle Confusion™ principle to cardio training. An intense, varied routine, it will keep you burning and striving, guessing and gasping as you try to keep up with the Master.

* You also get a FREE DVD wallet to hold a year’s worth of routines! Also, be sure to stay alert for bonus workouts, training gear, and other cool stuff to keep you motivated (shipped to you with your DVD)

Remember, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. IF YOU WANT YOUR PENNY BACK, YOU CAN GET IT! If not, if you dig the workouts, stick with the program, and each following month you’ll be charged $19.95 (plus shipping and handling) for the next workout. Also, you can purchase previous month’s workouts if you want to catch up on the workout goodness that Tony’s been putting out there.

So what are you waiting for? One penny gets you into Tony’s gym, in a risk-free, March-only promotion that’s almost too good to be true.