P90X MC2

In 2004 Beachbody released P90X, Tony Horton’s infamously tough and results oriented workout. The workout has gone to receive national acclaim and incredible success, with over 2 million people using it and constant, round the clock media coverage as pro athletes, celebrities, military officers and politicians promote their success with this program. Tony hasn’t been resting on his laurels, however; during the last 6 years he’s been working at improving his workouts, at designing new and more rigorous training exercises, all of which is culminating in a new workout slated to be released in 2011: P90X MC2 (Muscle Confusion 2).

This is going to be a completely new workout that builds on the P90X system but takes the intensity and challenges to a whole new level. Still a 3 month program, still slated as an extreme workout for fit people, P90X MC2 will be familiar in structure to P90X grads but contain a whole new mix of exercises and workouts. Think of it as P90X Version 2.0, new and improved, more extreme and challenging then ever.

However, you don’t have to wait until 2011 to get your hands on this workout. Tony Horton and Beachbody will be releasing Tony’s experiments as he designs each DVD ever month through Tony’s One on One Workouts. Each month you’ll be able to receive a copy of that month’s brainstorming and the exercises that will feature in P90X MC2, allowing you to get ahead of the pack and into Tony’s Gym as he designs this new workout. Better yet, you get a 50% discount on P90X MC2 when it finally comes out in 2011. All you have to do is subscribe to all 12 DVD’s of One on One Season 3. Get original content, get cutting edge workouts, and then get 50% of P90X MC2.

Excited yet? You should be. We’ll be reviewing each P90X MC2 DVD as it comes out, so come back frequently for the next review installment and to get our thoughts on how the new P90X is shaping up.

So start receiving your One on One DVD’s today, and get enrolled in this amazing opportunity!