If you’ve been around the P90X block a couple of times, then you’ll have your favorite workouts and the ones you dread. For example, I love the Arms & Shoulders, Chest Shoulders & Triceps and Shoulders & Arms. Not so hot on Plyometrics, Legs & Back and the Ab Ripper, but what can you do? What you realize though is that with practice, with time, you start to really love certain exercises, certain moves that get you pumped, that you work extra hard at because you get that slight degree of extra pleasure doing it. So this blog post is a round up of MY favorite P90X Workout moves, and while I know these won’t appeal to everybody, feel free to chime in with what gets you psyched!

Dive Bomber

Oh, I can hear you groan from all the way over here! Come on, give the Dive Bomber some love! This bad boy will make you gasp and sweat and plead for mercy. What you do is simple. Get in a push-up position, legs kicked out wide, and then dive down as if snaking your way out from under a fence. Come up, raising your head and pressing your hips to the ground, and then reverse that bad boy, sliding back down under that fence and sticking your booty up in the air. Hold it there, and back you go, under and up, down and back. Over and over and over again until your shoulders feel like white hot slivers of metal have been slipped between the muscles and you’re ready to quit!

Plyo Push-Up

Man, this is RIDICULOUS. You see Tony get air with this? The guy is like an electric frog jazzed up on some illegal substance and thrown onto a hot frying pan. Plyo Push-Ups are the height of awesome, and if you can bust these out you deserve to be crowned King/Queen of your living room. It’s another push-up. Go down like nothing is about to go wrong, and then SPRING up into the air, feet AND hands leaving the ground, go up up up at least a foot, and then back down into push-up position. Try and do more than three of these, I triple dog dare you.

Corn Cob Pull-Ups

Ok, as if a regular bout of pull-ups weren’t bad enough. Instead of just focusing on the vertical we’re going to be playing with the horizontal, and the way this bad works is you go up, fine, nothing weird with that, and then you move your head from your left to your right AS IF CHOWING DOWN ON A CORN COB. Got it? Up, side to side, and then down, and buddy, that’s just one rep. See how many of those you can bust out, and then call your doctor.

Rock Star Hops

Oh man, does this one hurt or what? Smack dab in the middle of the Plyometric Workout (the MOTHER of all P90X workouts), winded and heaving, ready to collapse, sweat pouring from your brow, suddenly you got to do these crazy leaps and arm swings. Fun? Not really. Unless you love pain, in which case yes. So what you do it jump, knees to chest, and swing one arm as if playing the mother of all power chords on a guitar. Land, and then jump again. And again and again and again. Rock it amigo.

So what do YOU guys love to do? Shout out and tell me what gives you the most pain and bliss! Doesn’t have to be P90X either–if you’ve got a favorite Insanity move, let us know!


(Image courtesy of the awesome BodyRock.tv!)