A Woman’s Review: Insanity Workout vs PMS

By Elke Zabinski Insanity on PMS The true test of INSANITY for me is when PMS takes over and what can I actually complete of this workout. To be honest with you, to say I woke up on the wrong side of the bed does not compare. My emotions in the morning were raging and […]

Insanity Workout Review: Day 6 Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Plyometric Cardio Circuit – Round 2 August 8, 2009  – Day 6 This is my second time doing this workout and no, it hasn’t gotten any easier. I am soaked in sweat every ounce of water I drank (probably 16oz) during this workout is making its way back out through my pores. I can’t take […]

Insanity Workout Review: Day 5 Pure Cardio

by Elke Zabinski August 7, 2009 – Day 5 Pure Cardio, Pure Hell… Excruciating to say the least. Similar brutal warm-up and for me these type of programs always get worse before they get better. I am grasping for breath and soaked in sweat by round two of the warm-up. When Shaun-T says during the […]

Insanity Workout Review: Day 4 Cardio Recovery

B y Elke Zabinski August 6, 2009 – Day 4 There is a God! Cardio recovery day… a welcome break from the last two intense cardio workouts. Stretching has always been difficult for me. I have little flexibility especially in the legs and I really have to work on it. If you’ve done yoga before […]

Introduction to Insanity Workout

By Elke Zabinski July 31, 2009 An ex boyfriend once told me I was only happy when I was torturing myself. From raw food to cross fit to Bikram yoga, distance cycling, weight training, P90X etc. etc. etc. I have pretty much tried it all and in my mind the more extreme the better. Yoga […]

Video Review: P90X Chin Up Bar vs Iron Gym

Don’t take our word for it. See what happens when an independent testing laboratory set up a “mano a mano” between the Iron Gym & the P90X chin up bars.